Shameful Snacking: Uncovered

What do you eat when no one is around? Is there something you quietly crave when you know no one is looking? Below are the bizarre, yet incredible responses gathered from a few D.C. locals. Do you share some of these secret shame snacking habits?

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When I’m trying to diet and I’m starving at night, I’ll squirt Green Dragon Hot Sauce from Trader Joe’s straight in my mouth so it seems like I’m eating food.”

Handful of shelled sunflower seeds from the freezer, two swallows of champagne off my glass so I can quickly top it off, swipe of peanut butter on my finger before the dogs get their swipe, and a slug off each bottle of beer before I pour it over the corned beef cooking in the crock-pot for St. Patrick’s Day.”

“Sitting with a bag of chips and French onion dip in my lap and eating almost the whole thing, and eating Swedish fish until I’m ill.”

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“I refuse to buy peanut butter because I love it so much and I’ll just eat the entire jar with a spoon. But, after my roommate goes to bed some nights when the craving is real, I sneak into his food and steal a few scoops. Same with frosting.”

“Sitting on the couch watching TV and eating a whole bag of spicy chips.”

I sometimes make Brussel sprouts while drunk…because health.”

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Chugging salad dressing late at night. Olive Garden Italian is my fav’.”

If no one is around, sometimes I eat a hot dog bun with just ketchup on it. I also eat cookie butter out of the jar but don’t let my husband see. Last year my VP caught me eating a chicken cutlet with my hand at my desk. It was a greasy one too.”

LOTS of cheese, eating peanut butter out of the jar, and I can eat a pint of ice cream in one sitting, so I don’t buy it much.”

“Salsa and chips – the full jar! And Joe O’s – an unhealthy amount!”

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“Ramen with cream of chicken, and pigs feet with BBQ sauce. Also like the Elf pasta with syrup.”

“I chew carrots loudly and dip them in mustard. I also love to shove the biggest possible handful of popcorn into my mouth, and any kind of chip I eat one by one with deliberate bites of crunch.”

“I love to eat chips (out of the bag) and dip (out of the container) while standing at my kitchen counter with one leg resting against my knee, kind of like a Flamingo. I don’t know why I love this stance, but it feels GREAT. I also love to eat tortilla chips with Frank’s Red Hot poured on them.”

“I eat pizza almost every day. I also freeze all the candy I get and then suck on it.”

“Tacos saturated in syrup, and ramen with a slice of American cheese, one can of tuna, parmesan, and Frank’s hot sauce.”

“Potato chips on bread like a sandwich with nothing else.”

“I love eating the ‘extra’ cake icing on the cake platter…also grape jelly on breakfast sausage is delicious.”

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“I haven’t done it in a while, but I used to do shots of A1 Steak Sauce.  Next happy hour…”

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