Seven Stages of Hating Your Job

Hate your job? Cool. Me too. For five minutes, or five years, we’ve all been there. It can take people years to find the perfect job. Here are the stages of work-hating grief, and how to cope.

1. Denial

*cries inside nightly*

2. Isolation

We all know the feeling. You want to be alone. Go home to no one. Speak to no one. Netflix becomes your nearest and dearest friend. This is fine for a while, but if your friends start asking you where you’ve been for the last few months, maybe it’s time to come out of the cave.

3. Anger

You start hating everyone around you. Your office BFF saying “hi” makes you want to chuck your phone out the window.

4. Drinking. Heavily.

Yup, this is its own stage here in the nation’s capital.

It’s a great way to cope with the anger. At least for a little while. Just don’t drink at work. Unless it’s recess, or you’re a lobbyist. In which case, YOLO.

5. Bargaining

I just have to stick it out a little longer. I’ll apply for new jobs next week.

6. Depression

Feeling trapped in your job? Yup. Gotta make that money but hate it? Yup. Ever think being poor might be a worthwhile trade off of getting out of this hell-hole of a job? Yeah, you’re in the depression phase.

7. Acceptance

You hate this job and must escape.

Finally, you kick it into high gear and start applying for jobs like a MOFO.

And after sending more resumes than you can count out into the world…

Finally, something better has come along.

And congratulations, you’re on your way out!

So, never fear friends, for the end of this hell we call nine-to-five is in sight. Keep on keepin’ on. And if all else fails…

There’s always happy hour.

Stay employed or at least happy betches!


Hill Betch

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