Best & Worst Dressed- The 2017 SAG Awards

The Screen Actors Guild Awards or “SAG’s” were this weekend and the red carpet looks were BOLD! Part of me is excited that actors are taking risks and part of me is distraught that THESE were some of the risks they took! When I told you that the Golden Globes were a sign of a well dressed award season, I spoke too soon. The SAG’s fashion was far from perfect, but they were incredibly entertaining!

So without further ado, here comes the possibly controversial Best & Worst Dressed List for the 2017 SAG Awards!

Best Dressed

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These three ladies really brought the perfect amount of glam and freshness to the red carpet. Some took risks, while other chose classics. Either way, these three gowns were worthy of the Best Dressed crown!


These two best friends always take bold fashion risks. Unfortunately, tonight they both struck out. Michelle’s Louis Vuitton dress would not be terrible without that contrasting and cheap neck piece. It takes away from the beauty of the gown and is messy. Busy’s dress is just that, busy. The purple hues, the silver, the head-to-toe sequins, the camouflage print and the maroon lip are just all too much. Sorry ladies but you two put together is definitely the Worst Dressed winner of the night.


That’s a wrap for the 2017 SAG awards. Congrats to the fashions winners and good luck to those who were not so fashion fortunate. Keep an  eye out for my next lists for the always entertaining 2017 Grammy’s!

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