Sababa teams up with Adeena Sussman for a night of new recipes

New York Times bestselling author, Adeena Sussman published her first solo cookbook, Sababa, Fresh, Sunny Flavors from My Israeli Kitchen this September (2019). This new cookbook is a celebration of Israeli cooking and its intoxicating, bold flavors, showcasing Sussman’s highly personal take on the Israeli kitchen and its diverse, delicious, and vibrant culture.

As Sussman’s cookbook and the Cleveland Park restaurant share the same name, Sababa, both teamed up for a unique evening is a celebration of the rich Israeli culture through its exquisite cuisine. 

Sababa is a Hebrew slang term meaning cool, carefree and awesome- which fits perfectly for Ashok Bajaj’s award-winning restaurant as well as Sussman’s take on Israeli cuisine and its diverse, delicious, and vibrant culture. 

This past week, Sababa’s executive Chef Ryan Moore created a special prix fixe menu showcasing recipes from Sussman’s cookbook alongside some of his own.

Here’s how it went down:

First Course

Hummus and Salatim served with fresh baked Rye pita

Salatim: Green tahini with roasted sweet potatoes, Golden tahini with smoky brussels sprouts and honey harissa, Pecan-lime muhammara, Fennel, golden raisins, mint and lemon, Roasted garlic labneh with peanut dukkah

Second Course

Tahini glazed carrots

This was Sussman’s recipe and it fit just perfectly into the mix. The multi-colored carrots were cooked perfectly and the tahini dressing on top made the dish!

Roasted halloumi with charred lemon marmalade, dates and dill

A classic Sababa restaurant recipe and a personal all time favorite.

Harissa-honey pargiyot

Another one of Sussman’s recipes served alongside golden rice. In the cookbook, this recipe calls for apricots, but Chef Moore took his own spin by adding tomatoes to incorporate Fall ingredients accessible in DC (rather than Sussman’s Tel Aviv lifestyle).

Third Course

Chard-wrapped fish with lemon and olive

Sussman’s cookbook recipe calls for chard-wrapped fish to keep the fish moist while cooking which is similar to Moore’s regular Whole Fish Roasted in Grape Leaf recipe.

Schmaltz braised lamb on tomato-fennel bulgur wheat

This recipe is a fan favorite at the DC restaurant. The lamb literally melts in your mouth


Tahini caramel tart and Potato chip-nocciolata halva on challah

The tahini caramel tart is one of Sussman’s recipes. In the cookbook it is called “The Gal Gadot of tarts” and let me tell you, it is the Gal Gadot of all desserts. It was delicious.

The halva is a Sababa restaurant staple and it is mouth-watering delicious every time.

You can buy Adeena Sussman’s cookbook Sababa on Amazon.

You can dine at the Sababa restaurant in Cleveland Park at 3311 Connecticut Ave NW. Make a reservation today!

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