Review: Farmers & Distillers

Farmers & Distillers immediately caught my attention by the name alone, and to go with it, the fame of a great reputation. As a foodie & dietitian, farm to table is my favorite conceptual dining scene.

This restaurant is part of a collection of others like Farmers Fishers Bakers as well as Founding Farmers. Their goal is to “transform the American dining experience by unbundling the industrial food chain and taking us back to our roots: family farms and natural products.” They do just that in the quality of the food they prepare. Farmers & Distillers was inspired by thee founding farmer George Washington who was a farmer, distiller, entrepreneur, general and President of the United States. My favorite artwork in the whole restaurant embodies a young George Washington in modern times.

They have six menus; first bake, week day breakfast, weekend buffet brunch, lunch & dinner, drinks, and dessert. We experienced the weekend buffet brunch. Let me be honest here, if you’re an indecisive eater like me then you should try the week day breakfast menu or lunch and dinner. I’m not one to eat chicken with my waffles, like many do. If you want the best of both worlds then this is your stop! Having to choose between sweet and savory is one of my biggest dilemmas, but why not have your cake and the chicken too?! The food was incredible, melt in your mouth fresh where you taste the quality in every bite.

The set up of it all is creatively appealing. You grab a plate (or two) and start with the salads, moving on to home style foods such as mashed potatoes, chicken, roasted vegetables and many other savory staples. Then to a station with a chef behind the glass barrier who is cutting freshly prepared meats and seafood (these go fast because they’re juicy and cooked to perfection). After, there is a pancake and french toast bar with decadent toppings. Just when you think your sweet tooth has met its match, you arrive at a dessert bar filled with the real brunch MVP, donuts. I of course couldn’t decide on what I wanted so I got a little bit of almost everything (this is my brunch dilemma) and took my taste buds on quite a ride. My favorite item I chose was the brûléed grapefruit, I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to eat a regular ‘ol grapefruit again. It was warm, sweet, citrusy, and extremely tantalizing.

Salad Bar

Donut Heaven

Delish Cold Brew

My favorite, Brûléed Grapefruit

Why not end brunch with a plate full of donuts?

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