Red’s Table Brunch in Reston

For people living in DC thinking of going out to Reston seems like an unwanted field trip. That is what I personally thought until I walked into Red’s Table for their Sunday brunch right by the beautiful view of the lake and some good food.

You walk in surrounded by a beautiful view and a casual feel that makes it a comfortable destination for your Sunday brunch whether it’s with family, friends or your special partner.

Starting brunch I typically enjoy having a fresh orange juice followed by a latte but unfortunately they had neither which was disappointing. To accommodate I chose something completely unrelated – Oysters, which certainly did not disappoint.

Following the amazing blast of sweetness, was the comfort of the gulf shrimp with old bay, lemon and national bohemian beer. The heat of the broth was a great complement to the cold raw oysters.

To transition out of the sea flavors, up next was the Ricotta Beignets. To say these were delicious would be an understatement. The lemon, poppy seed paired with the caramel sauce gave me the perfect morning sugar rush. I pulled out my notebook and made this a must try again dish.

Up next was the chicken and waffles which was unfortunately disappointing. It came out incredibly dry and a bite of it was all I could have. Even though it looked delicious, we returned it to the waiter. Perhaps next time it would have some form of moisture, but on this trip it had none.

The next dish that followed was equally disappointing but instead of a lack of moisture it lacked taste. After one bite of it, it’s fate was found being returned to the waiter. The waiter, said this was one of his favorite dishes and it must just have come out wrong. Maybe he’s right, maybe not but only a second try will tell.

Finally came a change in the winds or shall I say taste. The Crabcake Benedict with two poached eggs on buttermilk biscuits with spicy hollandaise and home fries. My personal favorite brunch dish is any thing Benedict so my excitement was naturally quite high and thankfully the taste of the Crabcake Benedict matched.

We ended the brunch with the Griddle Cakes which is an old family recipe with home fried (you could get sausage or apple wood smoked bacon instead). These cakes were magic and contained a special salty after taste.

Overall I feel that this day was not a lucky day for Red Table’s because 2 of their dishes needed to be sent back but some were magical. Would I give it another try? Yes because I see some potential and coupled with the lake view it adds a bit more incentive. If it’s an easy trip for you go check it out and share with us your thoughts!

Check out the full menu here and make your reservation here.

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