Red Apron Butcher

There are no shortages of places to grab a quick bite to eat in DC. However you may have to look hard to find a place with the quality of hand cut meats that Red Apron Butcher offers.

Located next to, and part of, The Partisan, Red Apron Butcher has quickly become the go-to spot to grab a sandwich for a quick meal in downtown/Penn Quarter DC.

Offering a variety of breakfast options, traditional deli sandwiches, and hot dogs, we opted to try a few of each.

Their breakfast/brunch option we tried is a tigelle, basically hand shaped small Italian bread that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. We tried the Southern Comfort which included taso ham, egg, and spicy pimento cheese. A great option for $5.50, although on the smaller side. Get two if you’re really hungry (or hungover)!

Next we tried the beef and cheddar which we’ve seen all over Instagram lately. On a small Kaiser roll, this has rare roast beef, housemade Atomic (cheese) Wiz and ranch mayo. Very tasty with perfectly cooked rare roast beef and a creamy cheese wiz sauce. Will repeat.

For hot dogs, we got the Penn Quarter Porker which is a cheddar dog with whole grain mustard, and porter beer and bacon braised onions. Served on a traditional bread hot dog bun, we missed the cheddar in the sausage, and the bacon in the onions, but overall good. There were a lot of onions which made it quite messy. May try something else on the next visit, but not unhappy we tried this one.

Oh yeah, they also sell steaks too!

All said, this is a great downtown deli with fresh made sandwiches. Certainly worth a visit for a good sandwich.

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