Overlooked: Ravioli at Le Diplomate

If you haven’t been to Le Diplomate, then go (here are 24 reasons and pictures why you should go).

Chances are you have been and had their epic burger for lunch, or sat on their patio while Erik helped you pick the perfect bottle of wine to pair with your oysters, and you’ve melted over their lobster risotto (but only on Tuesday nights of course).

And you’ve had their pasta right? Exactly, probably not.

This house made pasta special is tucked away on their “hors d’oeuvres” selection and is often overlooked. In the numerous times I have dined there its infrequency of appearance at neighboring tables was far too often.


So, take it from us, the next time you are at Le Diplomate, get the ravioli. Sandwiched between their famous tartare and the new comer on their menu, the sardines, are the Ricotta Ravioli. This pillows of house made pasta dough are stuffed simply with ricotta cheese and served with fresh basil in a smashed plum tomato sauce with just the right amount of seasoning.

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