Raindrop [Cake], Drop Top

A half a year after this trend hit social media, I thought it was time I sample a Raindrop Cake. Thanks to Goldbely, you can now order crazy things like this and have them shipped directly to your door. The only thing different about this food is you have to assemble it…

Quite the experience, I must say.

What you get in your Goldbely box (except the tablespoon).

First you have to carefully empty the jello-ish blob into a bowl of water. It then looks exactly like a jellyfish. Carefully caressing it, you must remove said blob and place onto a plate (or provided tray) without breaking it (pretty fragile). On either side of the blob, place Kinako soy bean powder and Kuromitsu cane syrup. As a last step, TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES.

The bizarre instructions.

Once you have successfully put this cake together, it’s time to sample. I try the Raindrop by itself. There is practically no taste – it’s like flavor free jello that instantly dissolves in your mouth. Pretty cool, but obviously boring taste. Honestly, this cake is more about the wild texture than the taste.

Then I sample with the Kuromitsu and Kinako. Wildly different tastes. The Kuromitsu is like your average syrup, but tastes more natural (Sorry Aunt Jemima, but you are still my favorite). The Kinako is like PB2, but again, less powerful. The combination of these two with the cake, however, is when it all comes together. There are sweet, nutty, and refreshing undertones all in one bite. SO. WEIRD.

Other than that, I can’t tell you much more – I recommend you sample it for yourself!

In summary, it was the best thing I may never get to try again. It may look like a silicone breast implant, and have absolutely no flavor by itself, but I still recommend you try it at least once. If nothing else, it will give you and your roommate some laughs.

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