Quarter + Glory Is Your New Go-To Spot

We’ve told you about Quarter + Glory’s rum punch bonanza, and we’ve told you that Quarter + Glory may be the best happy hour in DC. Now we’re here to tell you that Quarter + Glory should be your new go-to spot…for everything. They’ve been crushing the cocktail game for a long time, but now they’re crushing the snack and brunch game, too. Looking for a quick grilled cheese on your walk home from SoulCycle? Done. In need of a hungover brunch with lots of fried carbs? Done and done. Want to impress your boss with a fancy crudite spread with a bourbon drink? Got you covered.

We were #blessed to pop in a couple weeks ago and try a few items from across their menus, and we left wanting more.

BREAKFAST POUTINE ALERT!!! Remember those aforementioned fried carbs? Here’s a good option. Take a mental trip north of the border with Quarter + Glory’s spin on poutine. This version is a base of tots (!!!) smothered in rich, savory sausage gravy, and topped with ample cheese curds with an egg cooked to order. Pair these guys with one of their rum punches, and you’ll be cured of anything that ails you.

We know, we know. “Avocado toast is sooOOoo 2015.” That’s where you’re wrong. Mediocre avocado toast is so 2015. Bangin’ avocado toast with freshly chopped avocados mixed with onions, secret spices, and hot peppers, atop a thick slice of perfectly toasted multigrain bread is definitely 2017. Or even 2018.

Admittedly this isn’t nearly as exciting as breakfast poutine, but this is evidence of Quarter + Glory’s ability to satisfy any craving you’ve got. Quarter + Glory makes an incredible Green Goddess dressing (my personal favorite) and serves it up with cucumbers, carrots, radishes, endive, and peppers. Just light enough to make you feel your solidcore class didn’t go to waste, but delicious enough to keep you coming back for more. (Also you won’t feel guilty if you take down a couple cheeseburger sliders after this. Just sayin’.)

Again, something super simple but done super well. Quarter + Glory’s deviled eggs are a great starter before your meal or the perfect snack with some cocktails. Their proprietary blend of mayo, mustard, and creme fraiche gives these little guys that umami punch.

So about that grilled cheese on your walk home from SoulCycle. What we haven’t yet mentioned is that it is available on Quarter + Glory’s happy hour menu for the low, low price of $4 (!!!!). When was the last time you were able to get a satisfying meal in DC for $4? This one comes loaded up with cheddar, smoked mozzarella, and hot honey on a delicious brioche loaf served with a side of their housemade pickles. Pro tip: after you’re captured the perfect cheese pull boomerang, open up your grilled cheese and throw a few of those pickles in there. You can thank me later.

Ok, ok, so maybe the $4 happy hour grilled cheese wasn’t enough for you. I understand. Good news is you can also get one of the best burgers in town in slider form at happy hour, too. They come in sets of 2 ($5), 4 ($9), or 6 ($12) so you can share with friends. Or not. They wouldn’t tell me what all went into their patties, but hoo boy, these were good. (They also come in normal burger size.) There’s cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion, and some more of those housemade pickles on potato rolls. Just trust me, and get these.

And here’s how you know the food really is that good. We forgot all about the booze until the very end. The cocktail list is extensive, with someone for every palate. Being a fan of tart and bitter and flowers, I went with the Carnivale, which is Leblon cacha├ža, Cochi Americano, Giffard Passion Fruit, lime, and Demerara. And a pansy. But this drink isn’t for pansies.

Long story short: if you’re hungry, go to Quarter + Glory; if you’re thirsty, go to Quarter + Glory; if you’re in the mood for some live music, go to Quarter + Glory. Basically, just go to Quarter + Glory. We’ll probably see you there.

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