Proscuitto Takes A Star Turn At Ripple

Known as the “King of Hams,” Prosciutto di Parma takes a star turn at Cleveland Park staple, Ripple.

Though the end of May, Ripple will offer a Bar Room menu dedicated to the Italian-only import. Under the direction of executive chef Ryan Ratino, the menu finds new and interesting ways to feature the salty, savory, and nutty aged ham – including under a dollop of tonka bean ice cream.

Prosciutto di Parma is made with four ingredients: pork, sea salt, Italian air, and time.


When the prosciutto is sliced, it’s time to eat.

Chef Ratino, a finalist for the 2017 Rising Culinary Star of the Year RAMMY Award, was named Ripple’s Executive Chef in early 2017. Since then, he’s focused on highlighting seasonal ingredients and local flavors in his cooking.

Prosciutto di Parma reduced into a savory mignonette, served atop Chesapeake Gold oysters.

His Prosciutto di Parma menu includes several small plates, all of which use the King of Hams in surprising and delicious ways. Menu items include a prosciutto mignonette served atop Chesapeake Gold oysters, prosciutto croquettes topped with an espuma of brandade and confit garlic.

Burrata Salad
An amazing burrata salad with crisp prosciutto, citrus marmalade, and allium pesto.

But that’s not all. Ratino pairs crisp prosciutto with citrus marmalade and allium pesto to create a clean, fresh, and delicious burrata salad. He’s also added chopped prosciutto to a silky carbonara with coddled egg, parmesan, and black truffle.

Then, yes, he pairs prosciutto and ice cream. Prosciutto marmalade may as well be Ratino’s version of bacon jam, and he serves it with green plumbs, crushed pistachio, shaved white chocolate, and tonka bean ice cream. Behold:

Prosciutto and ice cream
Prosciutto and ice cream? Prosciutto and ice cream.

Ripple’s Proscuitto di Parma menu is available in the Bar Room each evening starting at 5p.m. and runs through the end of May. Don’t miss this!

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