PORC Mobile Food Truck

Are you from the South? Did your meeting with Duke Energy leave you longing for the taste of home? Well get on your mobile computer machine and find this food truck. Grab a bite, and keep on trucking.

Believe it or not, even though DC is technically under the Mason-Dixon line, there is an extreme absence of good BBQ in this town. Now, by BBQ, I do not mean the act of grilling, or cooking outside, or in any way use this term as a verb.


What I am referring to as BBQ is succulent, slow cooked meat, preferably smoked. This is a long and slow process which typically doesn’t lend itself to selling at a high dollar either. This could be partially why DC doesn’t have many places that do this well. Real estate is very high. There isn’t much return for spending 15-plus hours to smoke a whole hog, only to sell a BBQ sandwich for $6.50 when your retail space is easily five figures a month.


This also might be why the guys who run the BBQ-based food truck PORC-Mobile have so many things going for them. PORC stands for “Purveyors of Rolling Cuisine” and their pulled pork BBQ sandwich they serve from their food truck is the best I’ve had in DC. The bun is warm, the pork is tender, pulled perfectly, and has just the right amount of spice. I like to kick mine up with their very spicy hot sauce, made with pork drippings, and is vinegar based with a hint of tomato base (at least that’s what I can decipher on my own….they’re sure not telling me).

Where: PORC Mobile. Online at www.porcmobile.com and on Twitter @PORCMobile

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