Pop in to Miracle on 7th Street, the Christmas Pop-Up Bar

I finally bit the bullet, and got in the cold, outdoor line for Miracle on 7th Street. Fifty minutes later, my group got in. While I’m normally not one for the cold, I’d say it was definitely worth the pain. No other place in DC has Christmas spirit quite like this place. I recommend hopping in line early though (5ish) because it gets worse later on.

You enter at one side and have 3 distinct bars you can hop back and forth between. My personal favorite, being a legit Stranger Things fan, was the first room you enter. The second, which is cozy like home, and third, which is like a ski lodge, both evoked the holiday spirit (and are less crowded than the Stranger Things room, I might add).

Every single drink we got was exceptional. Standouts are pictured below, but you really can’t go wrong. As for the food, I’d just pass. The Schweddy Balls were bland and the deviled eggs were “off.” I did enjoy the Meatloaf Sandwich, but not enough to make it worth it. This place is all about the drinks!

So I remind you, it’s December 21st. You have four more nights to hit this place up! Hurry, hurry.

Bar one was Stranger Things themed. Every half hour, the lights flickered and spelled out RUN, and the Demagorgon popped out of the wall.
Up close of the spooky lights.
RIP Barb
FRANCISCO, THAT’S FUN TO SAY. Mezcal, Chocolate “Milk”, Green Chartreuse Marshmallow.
The second bar, cozy like your parents’ home.
Bar Three felt like we were in the mountains.
MEATLOAF SANDWICH. Meatloaf, Curry Ketchup, Cheddar, Arugula, Pickled Red Onions, Sourdough
Schweddy Balls and Lox Deviled Eggs…my least favorite items of the evening. Pictured in background: CORNMEAL, GUNPOWDER, HAM HOCKS & GUITAR STRINGS Bourbon, Don Ciccio & Figli Nocino, Orange Bitters, Lemon, Maple Soda AND BUZZ, YOUR GIRLFRIEND, WOOF! Gin, Pine Liqueur, Rosemary Grapefruit Soda, Christmas Tree
Time for group bonding… FRIENDS DON’T LIE Palo Cortado Sherry, Hazelnut Orgeat, Cream of Coconut, Lime, Falernum, Green Chartreuse $40, Serves 4
EGG NOG SHOT Baltimore Egg Nog, You Know This Is A Good Idea!
Up close of that creamy goodness.

Miracle is open Sunday – Thursday from 5pm – 12:30am and Friday – Saturday from  5pm – 1:30am.

Miracle on 7th Street: Website | Facebook | Instagram 

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