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Phonation is Phantastic

I have a rule about pho, that heavenly Vietnamese spicy rice noodle and delicious broth dish: it should only be ordered in the suburbs and the best is in strip malls (see Pho Golden Cow). So when I saw the Phonation food truck, I decided to slowly walk by and see what the fuss was about. Then, I saw a gentleman inside the truck pull a fresh baguette from the oven, slice it, fill it will all types of colorful sliced vegetables and herbs, place large pieces of marinated pork inside, then cover it with Sriracha. Yes please!

PhoNation DC food truck

I mean seriously – just look at this Asian-inspired spicy porky goodness. Less than $10, comes in a large Styrofoam container that will take no less than 3,239 years to decay (hey, you only live once, make sure and leave your mark), and chances are they’re coming to a sidewalk near you.

PhoNation DC food truck

Perfect for the lobbyist on the run, or anyone really.

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