Your New Dim Sum Obsession: Q By Peter Chang

For many, “brunch” really has nothing to do with food. Weekend brunch warriors look for atmosphere, for places that can accomodate large parties, and, yes, drink specials.

The dim sum brunch a Q By Peter Chang will have you thinking more about the food.

At a roomy 8,000 sq. ft., Bethesda-based Q stands as the largest restaurant in two-time James Beard Award finalist chef Peter Chang’s Szechuan-flecked DMV-area empire. It’s also his flagship spot (Q, which stands for Qijian means “flagship” in Chinese). We’re lucky to have it.

Any foodie worth his or her MSG knows Peter Chang. He spawned a fervent online fandom in the early 2010s as much for his talent in the kitchen as his habit for hopping from kitchen to kitchen, city to city. Read more about that here and here. His food is great – I’m a local at his Arlington spot, Peter Chang – and the dim sum brunch at Q is worth the ride to Bethesda. Good food is always worth traveling for.

This past weekend, Hungry Lobbyist was invited to check out Q’s dim sum menu – yes, you order off a menu not from a cart. We left very, very full and very, very happy. Scroll to see what we ate (and our thoughts) and make plans to hit up Q before the end of October. Why? If you go for Q’s dim sum brunch, available Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and tell you server the promo code “qpc dim sum” you get a free Szechuan cold noodle dish. Don’t leave this offer on the table!

Hot & Numbing Shredded Tofu Skin
Steamed Veggie Bao
Almond Shrimp Ball. Seriously addictive.
Pan-Fried Soup Dumpling. Different from steamed but just as good.
Pan-Fried Chinese Chive Dumpling
Baked BBQ Pork Cake. I tried to eat 40 but was stopped after these eight.
Vegetarian Rice Roll
Salt & Pepper Lotus Root.
Sweet Osmanthus Dates. Can confidently say I’ve never had anything like this. Sweet and sticky and good.
Peking Duck. Not on the brunch menu but worth the trip by itself. Amazing.

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