The Few Good Things About the Grammy’s 2K13

Well, the Grammy’s were last night…yawn. There were a few highlights moments worth clicking on this rainy DC Monday morning.

Adele dressed like Mrs. Doubtfire, and coincidentally they both sound the same.

Ellen DeGeneres wanted to “motor-boat” Katy Perry. No one is faulting her for that.

Jennifer Lopez still thinks she can get away with this, even after two kids. That reminds me I have some tree trunks to trim.

The camera was basically on Taylor Swift and Jay-Z the entire time. She wore a dress made of Charmin Ultra Soft, and he was drinking Hennessy from a chalice. So yeah, they basically won the Grammy’s.

Edward Scissorhands’ brother attended the Grammy’s. People thought it was John Mayer.

I’m sure some other things happened as well. Something about Bob Marley, and Elton John played, and then everyone changed it to Revenge.

Did I miss something? Let me know – @HungryLobbyist.


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