New L’Apero Happy Hour Comes to Le Diplomate

DC’s favorite french restaurant, Le Diplomate, has joined the DC happy hour scene with its new L’Apero menu, available from Monday-Friday from 4-5pm.

Executive Pastry Chef, Fabrice Brendano, Chef Executif Michael Abt, and Directeur General Neill Blackwood have outdone themselves yet again with a menu that makes you want to sneak out of work early to get a taste of this exclusive pre-dinner menu.

The French are known for their sumptuous multi-course meal structure, and L’Apero, or the appetizer, menu is the perfect start to a long, relaxing dinner, or happy hour drinks after a long day at the office.

L’Apero at Le Diplomate exclusively from 4-5pm


Le Diplomate knows its audience, starting L’Apero with six new cocktails mixed in with the beer, wine, and liquor that the happy hour enthusiast requires. For those who want the full French experience, try the Absinthe Spritz, which mixes Kubler Absinthe, rosemary, and sparkling wine. For a refreshing, pallet-cleansing cocktail, try the Pamplemousse Presse, made from Combier Pamplemousse (grapefruit) and sparkling wine.

New cocktails include Maillot Jaune, Absinthe Spritz, Casablanca, Martinez Blanc, Charlene, and Pamplemousse Presse

Fromage and Fruits de Mers

Selection of cheese and charcuterie

L’Apero includes a variety of edible options as well, Fruits de Mers and a selection of regional French cheeses is, as always, available to round out the french experience.

A grand plateau of the fruits de mers


Buy a basket of Gougères for $9, in flavors including Rosemary, Truffle, Esplette, and Gruyère (pictured)

The highlight of the menu by far is the Gougères, a savory puff-like pastry, that Le Diplomate has made in a variety of flavors including Rosemary, Truffle, Esplette, and (my personal favorite) Gruyère.


A double cone of the chocolate and dulcey glace (ice cream)

If you have more of a sweet tooth, head outside to the Glaces & Sorbet Cart for the dessert, but hurry, because as the weather turns cold the cart may soon disappear!

This new L’Apero menu at Le Diplomate is absolutely perfect, and if you sneak out of work early, I promise I won’t tell! See you there!

To learn more about Le Diplomate and its L’Apero menu, visit their website, like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

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