Moncler Opens in CityCenter & is Making Winter Desirable

For someone who hates the cold, winter is not a thrilling season for me. I often dread the idea of getting out of bed during the December chill, months in advance. However, my mind may have changed this past Tuesday when I attended the Grand Opening of the Moncler Boutique inside CityCenter DC.

For those of you who do not know, Moncler is one of the original designers of the fashionable down jackets (those puffy coats that keep us oh so warm but can sometimes make you look like the Michelin man.) Now Moncler has an expanded fashion empire that includes Men’s and Women’s clothes, glasses, shoes, leather goods and bags. Moncler was founded in France and has only 16 stores in the United States. This now includes one in the beautiful CityCenter in Washington D.C.


The store is nestled next to Fig & Olive and Christian Dior and is completely gorgeous. Reminiscent of New York City shopping, the giant glass window displays feature their ultra cool winter wear and huge polar bears (because, why not?). The level of architectural luxury of this relatively small store is impressive. The staff was friendly and the layout was impeccably done.


Although the building is glamorous, not all of the prices in Moncler are budget breaking. Moncler’s prices range from around $130- $1,000 for leather goods, purses, glasses and shoes. Their clothes and coats range anywhere from $195-$5,000.

Their signature coats are must-haves for winter fashionistas everywhere. They come in so many colors, materials and styles, making it difficult to pick a favorite. Although these coats are investments, Moncler is known for mixing fashion and function. So not only do their coats look incredible they are also warm and extremely durable.


Everything in their Fall/Winter line looks classic with a dash of laid-back cool. Moncler’s store was full of oversized jackets, pops of color and fur, which are all huge trends for this Fall/Winter season. Moncler always maintains their staple go-to colors of black, red and navy but this season I am all about their tan and dark green pieces.  .



I could not get enough of their shearling, leather and fur details. These “Lucie” shoes might have been my favorite item of the night and I personally succumbed to a fox tail bag charm, that apparently I could not live without.


Overall, Moncler is absolutely worth the visit. The store is beautiful, the staff is kind but not pushy and the fashion is incredible! Somehow, CityCenter DC has been gifted with one of only 16 Moncler boutiques in the country and boy are we lucky.

Winter is coming…and I am starting to be okay with that.

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