Milk Bar Starts Something Sweet In Logan Circle

Brace yourself Logan Circle: a sugar rush is coming.

On Saturday, Milk Bar, the award-winning bakery known for putting its playful spin on familiar desserts, opened its third DC location – and Hungry Lobbyist was invited to check out the space before its official opening. And if we can tell you anything, it’s that things are about to get a whole lot sweeter.

The 2,383 square-foot flagship location is equal parts cafe, innovation lab, event space, and hands-on classroom. Christina Tosi, of Netflix fame, kicked off Saturday’s festivities by personally hosting a birthday cake and truffle making class, with the proceeds from ticket sales benefitting N Street Village, a charity fighting hunger and poverty in DC.

What you want your cakes to look like.

Opening day also saw the launch of new menu items including do-it-yourself ice cream sundaes, a seasonal blueberry pie milkshake, a sausage, egg and cheese bomb, and an all-new Coffee + Donut, which features a homemade cinnamon sugar donut waffle cone filled with chocolate fudge and a choice of Cereal Milk or chocolate covered pretzel soft serve, topped with donut crumbs, coffee sand, and chocolate dough bites. You need this.

It took some R&D, but Milk Bar found a way to make a waffle cone taste like a donut. Photo: Milk Bar.

As part of our visit, we were able to attend a birthday cake and truffle making class – something that should become a right of passage for the food-obsessed in our nation’s capital.

Cake building begins here.
DIY cake making equipment.
Work, work, work, work, work.
My cake: pretty and delicious.

The cakes are pre-made – better than letting 30 non-bakers loose on the bakery’s ovens – and attendees are tasked with turning these sheet cakes, jars of frosting, and Milk Bar-made crumbs into a final six-inch version.

It’s a ton of fun, and a good learning experience too. For instance, we learned that Milk Bar drizzles vanilla milk on the layers of cake as it builds the full-sized version to keep it moist. In addition, Milk Bar adds a touch of oil to the chocolate coating of its truffles to ensure the chocolate melts smoother.

Learn how to make truffles like these at Milk Bar. Photo: Milk Bar.

So if you find yourself looking for a sugar fix or a hands-on baking lesson, check out the newest Milk Bar in Logan Circle. It’s sweet.

Find Milk Bar’s birthday cake here.


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