Medium Rare’s Exclusive Ballpark Sandwich

Philly has their cheesesteak and now DC has our go to sandwich for baseball games – Medium Rare’s new steak sandwich with special sauce and fries. Packed with a hefty portion of meat from Prime Foods and piled to the brim with french fries, this delicious monster is finished off with Medium Rare’s secret special sauce.

Medium Rare steak sandwich – exclusively at National’s Park

While a tad messy depending on the consumers dosing of special sauce, the sandwich holds up extremely well due to the crispy but not hard bread from Panorama Bakery.

For $18 – only $2 more than a beer will cost you – it’s a great selection to split. While the sandwich is strictly a ballpark option currently, Chef Jon Mathieson is hopeful it may make it’s way into other sports venues around DC.

Doors open two hours before games, so head over to Section 136 to snag one of these before the lines get long. You can check out all of the goods – just not in sandwich form – at any of the four local outposts of Medium Rare .

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