Maydan is a journey of flavors

The hidden entrance

Maydan is practically hidden to the people who walk through Florida Avenue naive to its existence. It’s down a magical alley  where you may catch yourself thinking: “Is this the right place?” Yes, it is! You just have to go underneath a colorful bridge and the door to your right is the entryway. After finally entering a magnificent green wooden door, you feel like you are suddenly out of the DC political scenery. I personally have never been to the middle east, but this place makes me feel like I’m there.

Maydan’s green wooden door.

Every table has its own character

The decoration and details indoor are fabulous! Everything finds its place even though the pieces themselves are contrasting. It’s just like the food: a mix of unknown flavors and textures that blend perfectly together. The restaurant has two floors. Downstairs is an open kitchen where you can feel and appreciate the fire coming out from the twin clay oven. The bar is in front of the kitchen, and you can try their full menu while talking to the chatty and amusing bartenders. On the second floor, you’ll find most of the tables, which are great for sharing food with a group of close friends or for a romantic dinner to impress your partner.

Every table has it’s own magic.

Culinary experience

Now let’s get to the most important part of this review: the food. Chefs Chris Morgan and Gerald Addison introduce us a concept based on their gastronomic experience traveling back and forth to places like Lebanon, Morocco, and Turkey. Their menu is always evolving thanks to their culinary adventures. You can check their Instagram and see how many interesting places they get to see when searching for new flavors.

We must consider ourselves lucky to have this gem in DC. Maydan has been featured as D.C.’s 2018 James Beard Semifinalists, Food and Wine 2018 Restaurant of the Year, named by Tom Sietsema one of the “2018 10 best new restaurants”. Maydan also made it to the front runners on the “100 very best restaurants” by the Washingtonian Magazine. Eater listed them as one of the “18 best restaurants in America” while Bon Appetit awarded them  second place in their list of “America’s Best New Restaurants.” I mean, what a record of recognition!

You can’t go wrong, everything is delicious!

If you want to try more, go with a group of friends

In Maydan, plates are meant to be shared, mix and match with no logical order. Which is perfect for us who love to try everything. The menu is split in two: from the kitchen and from the fire. You can see Chefs Chris Morgan and Gerald Addison in action at the twin clay oven preparing your next meal. I can’t say it is easy to pick favorites, because everything is fantastic! If you are going for the first time, I would recommend the Seasonal Fatoush, Labneh, Muhamarra, Harissa, Toum, Eggplant, Duck Breast, and the Ribeye (trust me, it was tough to make a “short” list!)

Spreads to mix and match.

Based on their official website Maydan means “gathering place” or “square,” often in the middle of a city. It has a similar meaning across several different languages in the region they often visit.  It’s open every night at 5:00 pm and it is definitely a place you can recommend to anyone! We have been to this amazing place even after the kitchen is closed to enjoy drinks within the hip and eclectic ambiance. Walk-ins are available. However, be mindful that the popularity of this restaurant means you’ll need to make reservations on Reserve early (sometimes even a month out!).

Maydan: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

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