Masa 14 Packs Big Latin-Asian Flavor Into Small Plates

Masa 14  encompases Latin-Asian small plates, designed for sharing and sampling by acclaimed Chefs Richard Sandoval and Kaz Okochi. It makes you want to eat your way through the entire menu, I strongly considered it.

I’ll start off by saying the whole team at Masa 14 is incredibly fun and provided us with a dynamite happy hour & dinner. We started with a Mojito and a Margarita. They were perfectly balanced, refreshing, and only $5! The happy hour menu is packed with delicious food, beers, and cocktails. We also enjoyed an Asahi beer halfway through, light & ice cold, great palate cleanser.



I can’t say enough good things about the coconut shrimp roll. Seriously completely incredible, my favorite item of the day. It’s savory, sweet, crunchy, fresh and hands down one of my favorite sushi rolls I’ve ever had. It’s pictured above with a margarita.

The Tuna Sashimi Flatbread initially sparked my interest but I was a little skeptical, I’ve never had raw fish on pizza. It was surprisingly delicious, especially if you like capers & wasabi aioli. The flatbread was also exceptionally photogenic. It did not disappoint, I’m really excited to try the prosciutto flatbread next time as well.

Won Ton Tuna Tacos (all the heart eyes)

The Shiitake Mushroom Steamed Buns are to die for. I am all about carbs and these buns were so soft, fluffy, and satisfying. I also really do not like mushrooms, but I tried it anyway because it was so appealing to look at. Now I’m reconsidering my mushroom aversion and sad I shared the second Shiitake Steamed Bun.

The Yucca Fries were ok but not my favorite. I’m also not one to look to for guidance on fried foods, since I don’t eat it very often. The chimichurri and citrus aioli sauce was bomb though!

OMG these Churro Bites were to die for. I think by looking at the picture you can already imagine yourself dunking them into the dulce de leche sauce, stuffing your face, and licking your fingers clean.

I’m never going to pass up dessert when offered, and when you bring me two we’re friends forever. This gorgeous Strawberry Sorbet with Chocolate Coconut Mousse & Coconut Brittle with flowers sprinkled on top was exactly what I needed to end an exceptional meal & easy to lick the bowl clean and so dang good lookin’.

Thanks Masa 14 for a wonderful experience! I will be back and I’m pretty sure it will be for Wasabi Wednesday because I must try all of the sushi rolls after having the coconut shrimp roll it leaves me dreaming about more.

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