Maketto + Sweetgreen Know How to Throw a Party

Many parents say to their children, “you can be whatever you want to be when you grow up” (And no, I am not trying to start some political reference, but just go with it). Well if Erik Bruner-Yang (chef and restauratuer) is the parent, then Maketto is the child. Maketto is a brilliant market place comprised of a Cambodian/Taiwanese restaurant, patio, clothing store, exercise location, and coffee shop…all in one. Instead of doing anything it wanted, Maketto did everything it wanted…and VERY WELL.

Therefore, when it came time for Sweetgreen, our beloved salad spot, to team up with Maketto, we knew it would be nothing short of exceptional. In preparation for fall and winter, Erik Bruner-Yang collaborated with Sweetgreen on a warm bowl. This savory dish contains wild rice, roasted chicken, sesame roasted tofu (I’m not a tofu fan, but this is GOOD), ginger cabbage slaw, cilantro basil, mint, cucumbers, cashews, and chili-tamari dressing with lime. The combo of ingredients just makes you feel good inside.

What better way to celebrate this partnership and amazing dinner bowl than with a pop-up night market party??? So I had to go. The evening consisted of  local vendors, live music, performances by dragon drummers, stellar food, and fellow DC foodies, and I had a blast! Check out my fun below:

Still my favorite entrance to a restaurant. Simple and to the point.
I was welcomed by the friendliest of staff. (Photo: Carl Maynard)
Obviously, the first stop was for a drink.
Pre-crowd. Yes, this is the “slow version” of the night.
Then like any stereotypical girl, I went for the carbs (i.e. noodles).
Then we had to get 2 of the spicy sausage noodles…

(NOT SHOWN: The fried chicken sliders that were to die for. Maketto is known for its fried chicken – nothing else like it.)

In line to get a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from UrbanStems.
Kimchi action station, with to-go jars. The perfect “doggie bag” treat.
And finally, I made it to the dinner bowl station. My taste buds await the fun. (Photo: Carl Maynard)
Best way to end a meal is with dessert. FULL DISCLAIMER: their matcha lattes are FIRE too.
Best way to end a meal is with dessert. FULL DISCLAIMER: their matcha lattes are FIRE too.

Now all I have to say is…when’s the next party?


As if they didn’t spoil me enough, Sweetgreen hosted the FULL dinner bowl tasting the next day in DuPont and at Capitol Hill locations. Perfect for warm or cold weather.

The Maketto Dinner Bowl in all its glory!

Don’t forget – we are the lucky ones, as the Maketto Dinner Bowl is only available at DC, MD, and VA locations. Eat it up while you still have the chance (which is through January 4, 2017)!

I mean, wasn’t this just the perfect pair? (Photo: Carl Maynard)

Maketto is open Sundays from 7:00am-5:00pm, Monday – Wednesday from 7:00am – 10:00pm, Thursdays open one hour longer until 11:00pm, and Friday – Saturday until 12:00am.

Maketto: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Sweetgreen is typically open daily from 10:00am – 10:30pm, but varies by location.

Sweetgreen: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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