Launch of Artomatic – Largest Art Exhibit in DC Area!

On Friday, March 24th you should have one thing on your calendar, and that is attending the opening night of Artomatic – A place where over 600 artists, musicians and performers will be gathered to celebrate local creativity on 7 different floors! And… its FREE to the public.

The exhibit will be open from March 24th till May 6th with special events happening throughout (in flyer below). The first one is this Friday, with it being the opening night, to other nights that include meet the artist night, special themed tours to help you pick the perfect art piece for your home, poetry and performance nights.. and many more.


Why I love Artomatic?

Other than the fact that I’ll be exhibiting my art (shameless plug – come visit me on the 8th floor, room 8414), I love it because it is completely organic and has no juries or curators. You will find such diversity in the type of art, where you are bound to find art that you will completely love, hate and be indifferent to. So you really don’t know what to expect as there is no one style.

So here’s a few steps to really take advantage of Artomatic and enjoy it:

  1. Come with an open and curious mind, there are 7 floors of art some of which you will completely love and not so much love. So get ready!
  2. Look around your house, think of gifts you want to buy because if you need art then Artomatic is your place to shop (amazing talent and even better prices).
  3. Wear comfortable shoes because there are over 600 artists works to see on 7 floors and you don’t want to miss out on any good pieces
  4. Go to the bars, there will be food and drinks for you to sip on while you look and shop around for art. The bars are located on the 3rd, 5th and 7th floors
  5. Take pictures of the business cards and artists info that you like with the pieces of the art that you are interested in. Things sell fast there so make sure you email the artist so you figure out a way to put a deposit on it. (Note that you can not take the art piece until the end of the exhibit which is May 6th).
  6. Come back more than once because with so much art to see you will want to come back!

In 2012, Artomatic attracted about 1700 artists and performers and over 70,000 visitors so get ready for some an awesome discovery of local art.

Location: 1800 S. Bell Street. Crystal City, VA 22202


Wednesdays:   Noon to 10:00pm

Thursdays:       Noon to 10:00pm

Fridays:            Noon to Midnight

Saturdays:        Noon to Midnight

Sundays:        Noon to 8:00pm

(Closed on Mondays & Tuesdays)

March 24th – May 6th.

See you Friday!!

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