Kushi Izakaya Keeps Things Legit

“What the hell does that mean?” is likely what you are asking yourself, thinking, or maybe searching the Google machine to figure out. Let me provide some translation. Kushi is a Izakaya restaurant in DC. Izakaya is a traditional Japanese drinking establishment or bar which also serves food. They are usually very casual and small places frequented by the after work crowd. Think Japanese dive bar with amazing food. The food is the Yakatori, which literally means “grilled chicken” but is also used to refer to all skewered food, aka meat lollipops. The restaurants name, Kushi, comes from Kushiyaki which means “skewer grilled.” Put all that together and you get a mouthgasmic experience in a great atmosphere.

Now that our Japanese 101 lesson is over, let’s talk food. If you like meat and seafood on a stick, grilled over hard wood coals to perfectly crispy exterior while remaining tender, then you’ll love Kushi. If you don’t like these things, I am sure a therapist can gladly help you with these problems.

Kushi offers amazing grilled skewers consisting of pork belly, chicken breast with wasabi, duck sausage, squid, hanger steak, and much, much more. What’s more important than having a great menu is consistency and Kushi has that nailed down. The skewers are always fresh, hot, and perfectly cooked. Accompanied with a small pile of rock salt and mixed seasoning on your plate for your customizing pleasure, this format is great for sharing on a date or with a large group.

Apart from their grilled meats and seafood, they have amazing sushi as well. Two items not to miss are their fried tofu dish and their seaweed salad. The tofu comes with four pieces, perfectly crispy on the outside and almost custard-like on the inside, swimming in a small amount of broth similar to Miso soup. The seaweed salad is amazingly fresh tasting. Perfectly salty with balanced ocean-water and herbaceous taste.

Don’t forget their lengthy Sake menu where a waiter will bring a tray of homemade Sake glasses for you and your guests to chose from. Perfect for a happy hour gathering among friends where you can enjoy great, non-typical food in a traditional Japanese environment.

Where: Kushi, 465 K St NW, DC. Website.

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