3-Day Jrink Juice Cleanse Experience (live blog archive)

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Starting Tuesday, September 30th, our editor Brian will be completing (attempting to) a three-day juice cleanse from Jrink. The cleanse consists of six juices a day consumed in two/three hour intervals, for three days, with no solid food and plenty of water.

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Day One – September 30th

8:30am:  Going to pick up the juice cleanse, feeling great, very optimistic, can’t wait.

8:57am:  And this is why I don’t drive in DC. Should have just walked. Oh well, have the juices, dropping off at home, popping juice one open, and walking to the office.

9:15am: Okay, juice one is delicious. It’s called “Fuel Me Up” and it’s cold pressed pear, kale, cucumber, romaine, and lemon. Seriously surprisingly good. The crispy cucumber flavor comes through immediately but it’s not overpowering. A bit sweet due to the pear as well. I started a bit later than I will the next two days, so I was hungry (and thirsty) and this was great!

11:28am:  Okay, definitely starting to get a little hungry, but still have plenty of energy. Next drink is at noon. 

11:31am:  Why is noon not happening yet?

11:59am:  Almost noon….more juice! So. Hungry. This may be harder than previously thought. Although for just having a juice, I am not starving I must admit.

12:09pm:  Okay, drink 2 isn’t bad. “Wake Me Up” is orange, carrot, grapefruit and ginger. The orange and grapefruit flavors come through the most. And actually the more I drink the better it is. Although I have a feeling before 3pm I may be pretty hungry.


12:15pm:  These are surprisingly filling. While I am still a little hungry, I do feel full. I imagine part of the purpose is to understand what your body is telling you and learn the difference between “hungry” and needing to be full. I think dinner-time will be odd as I’m so used to going home and cooking from around 7pm-9pm. Maybe I’ll take up speed walking instead as strenuous exercise is frowned upon due to the lack of caloric and protein consumption.

12:47pm:  Ok, now I am feeling very full with only 2 juices…how am I supposed to do six of these a day?!? You know when you drink a lot of beer, and you feel full…but also still hungry but you don’t want to eat because you feel so full. Yeah, that’s happening now. Without the buzz.

1:01pm:  Finally finished drink 2. It took a while that’s for sure. Not because of the flavor, but honestly because I am feeling pretty full. Going to go walk around.

3:00pm: And it could not come fast enough. I gave up drinking caffeine about 3 weeks ago, and found my energy levels are very even. No more ups and downs and getting the 3pm tireds at work. However with certain foods (red meat, carbs, etc) for lunch it obviously fatigues you. My energy has never been higher! Am I hungry? Yes. Has it been odd not chewing or eating anything today? ABSOLUTELY! Like I said, I think dinnertime will be odd. However, I feel great, my energy is through the roof, and I can not wait to drink this next juice. BRB, juice time!

3:19pm: Drink 3 was lemon, cayenne, agave, and water. I didn’t post a pic because one, it was basically lemonade with pepper flakes, and two, I drink this (minus the agave sweetener) every morning anyway. I think if I do a cleanse again I will substitute this one for something else. I have a felling I’m going to be starving at 6:00pm.

 6:22pm: Wow, got sidetracked and ended up realizing I was starving. Drink 4 is another Fuel Me Up, just like drink 1. It was very filling in the morning. Let’s hope this one is too. All in all, after a full day at work, I was energized, felt relatively full (mainly full from the juice, not really satisfied), but I wasn’t super “hangry” and did feel very focused. Two more juice to go before bed. We’ll see.

8:15pm: Pretty hungry after a long day. Had juice #5 which was great. Called “Pick me Up” which is beet, carrot, orange and apple. Really refreshing and surprisingly filling…at first.

8:30pm: Hungry still, but full. Too full. Too much liquid for one day. Can’t even stomach juice #6 now. I guess should wait until around 10:30pm for the last one.

9:15pm: Going to sleep. I am hungry, and tired and if I stay away I will eat. Sorry juice #6, you have to wait until another day.


Day Two – October 1st

7:00am: Woke up without an alarm clock, feel amazingly rested. Not that hungry either. This is great. I thought I was going to feel terrible.

7:15am: I weigh 3 pounds less than I did the morning of day one. That’s good. Time for juice #1.

10:12am: Raging food headache. Just finished a hour long meeting and can’t wait to have juice #2, mainly because I am starving right now.

10:35am: Juice #2 went down in minutes, maybe even seconds. Should have spaced it out. Hope the headache goes away. At least I can still feel a ton of energy right now.

1:00pm: Headache gone, energy levels still very high, juice #3 consumed (the lemon and cayenne one). Really spicy this time, but mainly on the back of the throat, not so much entire mouth burning, so that’s good.

1:30pm: Energy levels very high, on cruise control!

3:00pm: Consuming a lot of water to keep the hunger at bay. Not feeling light headed or faint as others have said they felt. Day 2 is going fairly smoothly I’d say.

4:30pm:  Juice 4 consumed. Still feeling good.

6:38pm:  A little hungry, drinking juice 5 slowly, the beet one, it’s really good. I guess I should try juice 6 after this one.

8:45pm:  Juice 6 is terrible. Some milk based kale juice. Gross. I chugged it, but didn’t like it. Will likely not drink the one I skipped from day 1 or the one I am supposed to drink from day three tomorrow – the last day!


Day Three – October 2nd

6:15am:  Wide awake without the alarm, not hungry at all.

7:00am:  Light exercise complete. Juice #1 down the hatch. Feeling rested, great and am down 5.5 pounds from when I started!


11:00am:  Juice #2 of the day. The carrot one. Still going strong. Not feeling hungry at all. Feel very alert. I would honestly do this every Tuesday-Thursday if it wasn’t $155 per pack. Maybe this will be a monthly thing. Lofty goals here!

11:30am:  Nothing else to add, moving along!

2:00pm: Juice #3, the cayenne and lemon one. Clean, refreshing, a nice pick up…but stomach is definitely growling now. Can’t wait for a salad tomorrow!

4:00pm:  The rest of the day was uneventful. I found myself craving juice #4 and then wanting juice #5. Not eating was odd, but it was also something I was getting used to.

7:00pm: Work over, not super hungry, but feeling like I need to consume something.

7:15pm: Juice #5 down the hatch. I really like the beet one more and more. Feeling full and a bit tired however.

9:00pm:  Going to chug juice #6 then go to sleep. Feeling very tired the end of day three, and juice #6 is the worst. Not a fan at all. Definitively would substitute it for something else.

JUICE CLEANSE OVER – total weight lost: 7 pounds from Monday night weigh in to Friday morning weigh in. Visit Jrink for more information.

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