Is Loople Your Ultimate Guide to the DMV Happy Hours?

Naturally, as DC residents we are always on the hunt for Happy Hours and drink specials. I maintain that Happy Hour is where the most important deals are done on “the Hill.” That being said, is it pretty impossible to navigate through the thousands of restaurants and bars here, with new ones opening daily! Well, I may have found a helpful solution to all of our social problems and its called Loople. As a new app, I thought I would give it a try and see if it is all that it’s cracked up to be.


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Loople is an app for your phone that lists all the food specials, drink specials and unique features of bars and restaurant near your location. The app currently lists over 7,000 Happy Hours, adding new ones everyday, and boasts more than 15,000 users. Loople finds your location through your phone and creates a list view or map view of all of the eateries and bars closest to your area. The list results show pictures, specials and any other highlights of the locations. You can expand your search to anywhere in the Baltimore, Annapolis and Washington DC area.

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Once you have chosen your desired part of town, you can view pictures of the establishments, see their daily drink specials, food specials, menus, reviews and any other special features they may have. I love this concept because there is no way to ever remember every bar’s daily specials and it encourages you to try new places. With everything, there were pros and cons to the new Loople app.

Pros: It is super easy to use and is well done. My favorite feature on the app are the filters that you can set yourself. This option allows you to narrow your results to the features that are most important to you. There is a filter for drink specials, live entertainment, food specials, outdoor seating, social sports, pool tables and more. You can even specify which type of booze specials you are looking for! Whether it be shots, cheap wines or draft beer, this app takes your liquor preferences very seriously and will highlight the locations specific to those needs. I am personally excited for the brunch setting that is coming soon, because lets be honest, is DC’s favorite meal.


Cons: The downside to Loople is that being a new app, there are places that it does not yet have information on. However, the Loople creators stated that they are adding new information daily and as a user you can add your own information to these places like pictures, updates, deals and reviews. Similar to Waze or Yelp!, this is a user contributing app, meaning that the more people use it and contribute information to it, the more information it will have available for other users.

Overall, I am super excited to use this app on a regular basis. The concept is genius, especially when you live in such a social city.  Obviously, there is progress to be made as it is brand new. But it is easy to navigate, aesthetically pleasing and perfect for navigating meals, deals and drinks! I am tired of going to the same places every single time 5 o’clock rolls around! I feel like Loople will help expand my Happy Hour horizons, and yours too.

Loople is available now at Apple App Stores and Google Play. Use this link to text yourself a free download! Or check out for more information.
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