Is a NC State Rep a closeted….fashion blogger?

Recently, a fashion blog was tipped off about the striking similarities between an anonymous fashion blogger, WASP 101, and NC State Representative Bryan R. Holloway.

The blog goes on to list details of the tipsters note, compare pictures, stalk various online profile pages of the Legislator, his staff, and dog.

An few excerpts below taken directly from the site. You can be the judge of the similarities or not. Personally, I don’t think it should matter, but the WASP 101 website is not longer up.

“Richard” has posted many photos of his dog, which he has referred to by name as “Governor” in the comments section at WASP 101:


It appears to be the same breed of dog in this photo from Holloway’s Facebook page, which a friend in the comments section also refers to as “Governor:”


Below, the tan suit Holloway wears in the photo with Newt Gingrich is markedly similar to one “Richard” has blogged about:

wasp6     wasp5

It continues…

This morning I telephoned Representative Holloway’s office and was informed by a female receptionist that he was in a meeting. I asked to leave a message, and halfway through spelling my last name, was interrupted with, “I know who you are.”

Update, 3:09 PM: The receptionist for Representative Holloway, according to her LinkedIn page, is Isabel Villa-Garcia, who bears a resemblance to the WASP 101 contributor “Kipp,” and which would explain why the young female receptionist of a North Carolina state representative would say “I know who you are” when telephoned by a New York-based menswear writer.

Below left is a picture of “Kipp” from WASP 101, while at right is Villa-Garcia from her LinkedIn page (more photos of “Kipp” are available through a Google Image search):

wasp11 wasp12

And concludes with this gem…

Politicians are always getting caught with their pants down. Bryan R. Holloway — if he is the author of WASP 101 — may be the first caught with simply his pants.

Ugh. Moving on…

Also, in no sane world is a 3-piece suit acceptable.

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  1. I love this story. This guy seems like a total douche. Gotta point out, though, that three piece suits are not only acceptable but pretty pro-level fashion. Have you ever seen an episode of Mad Men? The three-piece is about as classic as they come & classic never goes out of style.

    An ill-fitting three-button three-piece suit worn by a tubby wiener like this guy, though: never acceptable.

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