Ice Cream & Fish Sauce, Trust Us!

I am not sure what kind of wild thing you were imaging when you read this article title, but whatever it is I am pretty sure you did not think of Fish Sauce Ice Cream. Yes, that’s right – Fish. Sauce. Ice. Cream.

On a Friday night, I was feeling some need of thrill in my food adventure and as previous experiences showed me, Doi Moi was the place to be. In this article I won’t go into the savory dishes but you can read my previous review of Doi Moi here that explores their savory world. Now, let’s get back to our wild adventure of the night (or at least the parts of it that I can share with you)..

As you know, we got the fish sauce flavor but we simultaneously tried the apricot flavor that also embodied the components of a real good ice cream

Doi Moi changes its dessert menu every 2 – 3 months (sometimes before or after). They aim to keep with the seasons and make it interesting for their loyal customers. We talked to Chef Sasha the mastermind behind the changing menu and here is what he had to say: “Real good ice cream is all about getting better and fresher eggs and dairy. You want to have more fatness, freshness and sweetness. To constantly do this and do it well it gets expensive, so I created this new flavor with fish sauce that fits all the above criteria of creating an incredible ice cream. Fish sauce really has an extraordinary flavor that everyone should try”.

As I took the first bite, I instantly realized I dove into some alternative world of salted caramel. Doi Moi’s fish sauce ice cream was, as Chef Sasha said, filled with the real freshness an ice cream should embody. Quickly my first bite excelled into my 20th bite and before I knew it I was almost done with it. The nice thing about Doi Moi’s ice cream is the portion is big enough for 3 people. A big plus for people who like to share and sample several flavors.

Fish sauce flavored ice cream topped with colorful sprinkles

If you are in DC and liked what you tasted at Doi Moi then you should go to Thip Khao and try their fish sauce ice cream which is made by Dolcezza.

Happy fish-saucing! (I know, that sounds a bit odd but just got with it)

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