Hummus Week at The Line’s Brothers and Sisters

The Line Hotel’s noble restaurant Brothers and Sisters is featuring Tofu Hummus Toast with Roasted Garlic during DC Hummus Week.

Hummus week has hit DC HARD this year! 1 city, 7 days 15 restaurants, lots of hummus. For the entire week, 10 restaurants have featured an exclusive sabra hummus special dish on their menu.

With the plain Sabra hummus that they were given, Brothers and Sisters has transformed the taste with a delicious toast covered in tofu, onion, cucumber salad, gets, and herbs served on sourdough bread.

The toast is stacked high with these delicious complementary flavors. Light, fresh, crispy and soft combine together to make a delicious Sabra Hummus toast!

Hummus Week is NOW through May 20th. Check out DC Harvest and the other 10 participating restaurants!

Brothers and Sisters, Mason Dixie Biscuit Co., DC Harvest, Northside Tavern, Chiko, The Village Cafe, Ivy City Smokehouse, City Winery DC, Taqueria Del Barrio, Blackfinn Ameripub, Shaw’s Tavern, Haute Dogs and Fries, Bethesda Bagels, Equinox Restaurant.

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