Honeygrow Expands Its Presence In The DC-Area. Get Your Noodle Fix Now.

September 2018 marked the grand opening of the fourth DC-area Honeygrow location — this one right across the street from the Greensboro Metro Station in Tysons Corner.

The fast casual stir-fry chain was born in Philadelphia in 2012 but has expanded quickly since then, and for good reason. The bowls are made fresh with quality ingredients and really provide you with a bang for your buck. A single stir fry bowl will run you just about $10 but provides easily enough food for two meals.

To mark the introduction of two new seasonal menu items, Hungry Lobbyist was invited to Honeygrow’s Tysons location to check things out. The first thing that stood out wasn’t the food, though. It was the art.

A special mural was commissioned for Honeygrow’s Tysons location from Cita Sadeli, also known as CHELOVE.

Honeygrow is known for commissioning an original piece from a local artist for each new store — and this time was no different. In Tysons, Honeygrow has a mural from Cita Sadeli, also known as CHELOVE, a multi-disciplined art director, muralist, illustrator, and designer whose style straddles the urban art, illustration, and interactive design worlds inspired by growing up in DC in the 1980s and 90s.

This fall, Honeygrow is rolling out new stir fry and salad bowls. For stir fry, the chain has introduced its Philly Roast Pork; for salads, it’s a spiralized beet Caesar.

What’s in the Philly Roast Pork? Freshly made egg white noodles, all-natural roast pork, organic baby spinach, broccoli, red onions, local brew au jus, grated Parmesan, chili flakes.

As part of our visit we were able to taste two additional stir fry bowls, one of which is currently offered by the Tysons location and one that isn’t (*maniacal laugh*). The former, Red Coconut Curry, is a vegan and gluten free option which does pack a bit of a spicy punch. The latter, The Capone, was introduced in Chicago last year as part of a regional special. Both we’re delicious. I scarfed down the entire Capone at the table before falling into a serious pasta coma, and the Red Coconut Curry we couldn’t finish at the table made for excellent leftovers the following morning. Pasta is an appropriate breakfast, right?

It’s also a good idea for lunch, especially if you live near a Honeygrow in Tysons, Reston, Pentagon City, or Chinatown. Check out more stir fry pics below and make sure you check it out before the fall is over.

What’s in the Red Coconut Curry? Rice noodles, roasted spicy tofu (non-GMO), pineapples, jalapeños, bean sprouts, scallions, cilantro.
What’s in The Capone? Egg-white noodles, tomato-basil sauce, Italian sausage, roasted red peppers, organic baby spinach, red onions, grape tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, parmesan.

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