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Calling all True Foodies! If you have been to True Food Kitchen before, then I know you share the obsession, if you haven’t been, then call up your girlfriends and make a reservation for brunch next weekend or plan a date night with your person. True Food is incredibly versatile and can be the setting for anything you’re looking for, it is kid friendly, date friendly, budget friendly, and just all around friendly. I can’t wait to go back to the Mosaic District location just to hang out with the staff (and maybe to eat my weight in food again). Even without one empty seat to spare they are still gracious and welcoming, from the host, to the bar tender, up to the management. Anne Davis, the Assistant GM is a wealth of knowledge and a bubbly personality, who knows all there is to know about Fox Restaurant Concepts & True Food in particular. She will make sure you’re well taken care of, you have all you need, and you don’t miss out on a chance to try something incredible.

When you’re seated, your server will first ask you if you’ve been in before and if you have, they are excited to welcome you back, if not you’re guided through the concept and story behind True Food. A wellness model that I personally have constructed my beliefs around as a practicing dietitian. Dr. Andrew Weil is the driving force of True Food, he has created this restaurant with a focus on the anti-inflammatory diet. The anti-inflammatory diet is one without simple refined sugars and unhealthy fats while encompassing healthy herbs and spices, lean high-quality proteins, whole grains, and fresh fruits and vegetables. This restaurant is health-driven featuring seasonal vegetables, an eco-friendly and sustainable atmosphere, in-house food preparation using simple ingredients that highlight the natural flavor of each whole food ingredient.

The seasonal fresh menu starts off with house made refreshers, juices, smoothies, and a cocktail, beer and wine list. It is followed with breakfast, starters, pizza, salads, bowls, and sandwiches & entrees. Anne and our delightful server, Missy guided us through the whole menu providing in depth explanations of each item and allowed us to try out some of the favorites.

We were started with a breathtaking array of colors in the Farmer’s Market Vegetable Crudités with two homemade dips; tzatziki and black olive. The vegetables were chilled, crunchy, and earthy alongside two, very inequivalent in flavor, dips. I preferred to mix them because they were both just too good for the commitment. The tzatziki was a pure classic with simple flavor that is a favorite among guests including children. The black olive, on the other hand, is a burst of salty, rich, Mediterranean flavor that is a seamless complement of the fresh veggies.

We were also provided with a variety of cocktails and refreshers throughout the duration of the visit. We began with the Seasonal Pressed Apple Soda including organic apples, lemon and cinnamon. It was smooth, bubbly, yet creamy with a hint of cinnamon and an all over “fresh” flavor. If I could use the word fresh to describe each item in this post I would because it’s true. It was the first word that came to mind with everything I tasted! The Kale Aid tasters included kale, ginger, apple, celery, and cucumber which was completely refreshing with a crisp green earthy flavor profile where each ingredient could be detected but not one of which took over the spot light. The Ginger Margarita was made with ginger, honey, lemon, elderflower liqueur, and anejo tequila. The ginger was the star of the show in this cocktail, but the sweetness of the honey was a delicate balance. The Thai Grapefruit Martini was made using Thai basil, grapefruit, and organic vodka, it is a cocktail for all fresh herb lovers due to the demanding presence of the basil that convinces you it’s more than appropriate to have another.

Up next, the Blueberry Muffin, which is both vegetarian and gluten free. I typically don’t love gluten free breads or desserts when they aren’t classically gluten free, but man did this little muffin change my mind in a big way. It was still warm and the blueberries were oozing from the steamy moist center of the muffin. It was my second favorite food I tasted all day. The Banana Muffin with espresso, pistachio, and date was simple and classic, no surprises here. It had a crunchy top, soft base, and an all-around sweet cinnamon flavor.

Next, we had two half salads. The first was the Seasonal Ingredient Salad with brussels sprouts, butternut squash, cauliflower, white beans, pomegranate, and toasted mulberry tossed in a horseradish vinaigrette. This salad is crunchy with a kick of spice, and the rich roasted brussels take it to the next level. This immediately went on my favorites list, and that’s a bold statement coming from someone who A. doesn’t really like salads and B. always says “hold the horseradish” in any dish. The second salad was the Mediterranean Quinoa with Persian cucumber, olive, peppadew, cherry tomatoes, pole bean, feta, almond, and dressed with an oregano vinaigrette. The oregano vinaigrette was the key player in this staple dish, it added a burst of flavor that made you want to lick the bowl when you got to the bottom.

The dish that is an absolute must have is the Ancient Grains Bowl with Shrimp constructed with miso glazed sweet potato, turmeric, charred onion, snow peas, grilled Portobello mushrooms, avocado, and sprinkled with hemp seeds. It is an incredibly unique mouthful of different powerful flavors that marry together impeccably. The vegan pumpkin seed pesto is a vital part of this dish that adds a simple freshness. The sweet potatoes are sweet, rich, and hearty with a flare of spice. You could taste every bit of quality of each ingredient in this dish, especially the shrimp. This was hands down, our favorite thing on the menu.


Last but certainly not least, the glorious Flourless Chocolate Cake with caramel, vegan vanilla ice cream, and cocoa nibs. This dish surprised me, I expected chocolate cake, but what I didn’t expect was a warm, gooey, dense but fluffy, rich, soft slice of heaven. It was topped with this magical scoop of something they call vegan ice cream, that is just as decadent as real ice cream yet has this texture that pairs even more perfectly with the chocolate cake. It was the perfect way to end a fun day filled with flavor, my taste buds will rest easy tonight. You guys have to check this place out, tell them we sent you.

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