Happy Birthday, Whisked!

Bakeries are always there to make goodies for our birthdays, but what happens when it’s the bakery’s birthday? A delicious cookie, pie and pizza palooza. At least, that’s what happens when you’re beloved Washington bakery, Whisked!

Founded in 2011 by Jenna, a PR-pro-turned-baking-blogger, Whisked! is a wholesale bakery with products available in 38 stores, 13 CAVA Grill locations, four farmers markets, two online retailers and their own online store.

But then again, who are we kidding? If you’re reading this, you probably already know all about Whisked! since it’s a three-time winner of Washington Post Express’ “Best of DC” category for bakeries. In just five years, Jenna and team have quickly become a local institution for handcrafted pies, cookies and quiches.

Their fifth birthday celebration was held on the second floor of Mellow Mushroom in AdMo, where guests could enjoy a slice of pie for dinner and then hit the smorgasbord of Whisked! mini pies for dessert.


While all three pies were scrumptious, the sea salt chocolate chess was by far my favorite; the salt complemented the rich, creamy filling perfectly. According to Jenna, it’s their best-selling pie flavor. But, what’s their best seller overall? The soft, chewy cookies.

Mini pie buffet bar

“We actually started out focusing on pies,” said Jenna, “since it was the best way to showcase the seasonal produce we were using.”

However, it was the cookies that made farmer’s market shoppers go crazy for Whisked! Since cookie markets are highly saturated this surprised Jenna, and begs the question she has long tried to answer: why?

When I asked, she said after much though it comes down to simple answers: their cookies are high quality and made with fresh ingredients. It’s hard to find a wholesale bakery with cookies that are perishable (i.e. your Whisked! cookie has a shelf life of about seven days, so don’t let that deliciousness go to waste!).

Sea Salt Chocolate Chess Pie

Whisked! baked 261,380 cookies in 2015, along with 34,374 pies and quiches. As if this didn’t keep them busy enough, they also had time to roll out their new product – mini cookie snack packs! Designed to give customers the same great flavors, just in more manageable portions, these packs are available Each Peach Market, Pleasant Pops, The Local Market, and Glen’s Garden Market in Dupont.

HungryLobbyist.com is glad we were able to savor this sweet birthday moment with the Whisked! team. Congratulations to one of our favorite local bakeries!



To learn more about Whisked! visit their website, read their blog, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

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