DC Foodie Brief (a short guide to new restaurants)

Like lobbyists turn hundred page reports into easy to follow one-pagers, Eater DC has a quick guide to the 2,343,837 new restaurants that have opened/are opening soon here in DC.

Well, it’s more like a list, a very good list in fact. But in case your clicking finger is broken – thanks Obamacare – here are some thoughts:

Sliced meat and pickle bars. If you like the old Wagshal’s, and deli’s in general, then you should try the new one. But there is a pickle bar, so be prepared to fight the Snooki wannabe AU students away. Shoo, be gone orange Northern people.

Pppiiiizzzzaaaaaa. If you like Pizzeria Paridiso and 2 Amy’s, but live on 14th Street and therefore Dupont/Georgetown and Tenlytown might as well be Clarendon (shiver), then head to Etto. And hey, it’s already open. But they don’t take reservations, so make sure your ironic shoes are comfy to stand and wait in.

Not just cupcakes, thank God. Cupcakes only, doughnuts only….ugh, shut-up already, you have ovens and sh!t, make more om noms! Thankfully Bakehouse which is now open in Logan Circle can at least give you some sausage and eggs to go with your stupid cupcake.

From rolling on wheels to someplace called H St. One of the best food trucks in DC, Chupacabra has graduated from meals tacos on wheels to bars on windows with the opening of the H Street NE location. They don’t have their truck anymore, so…..I guess we’re doing this huh? Ok. Bring it on H Street!

Belgian food waffles from Barrack’s to 14th Street. Top Chef Season 10 contestant, Bart Vandaele takes his flare for paisley shirts and mussels from Barrack’s Row to 14th Street with his new spot, B TOO. It’s good, and it’s new, so there might be a wait, get over it and eat the food.

Finally, a Tea Party where you won’t be alone in yoga pants and will likely never hear the word “birther.” What do you crave after a sweaty, flexed-out, stretchmaggedon yoga session? No really, I have no idea, clearly I also don’t know what happens in yoga, but I bet hot soothing tea would be good. Check out District Tea Lodge connected to Yoga District for some heady tea brah, and likely the most fit Tea Party in DC.¬†

Another Italian place in DC, and yes, it’s prettier than you. The creators of the wildly successful¬†Acqua Al Due are bringing their food to 14th Street – shocker, I know! Ghibellina is rustic yet chic, polished yet worn, traditional yet modern, and definitely better decorated than your Logan Circle studio. Straightforward Italian in a pretty place, what more could you ask for?

There’s probably at least twenty new places that just announced they’re moving to 14th Street while you were reading this, so get eating DC and let’s show Mississippi who’s boss!

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