What does the government shutdown really means to you?

Once again, we find ourselves on the brink of a government shutdown. But what does that really mean for you?

Your mail will still come on time.

But don’t plan to flee to warmer climates, passport services will be delayed.

National Parks will close, so no recreation for you…

But if you’re already camping, it’s cool, you’ll have 2 days to kindly GTFO.

Don’t get too trashed. During the last shutdown, trash in DC went uncollected.

Say a sad goodbye to Pandas, because the Zoo will totally close (and the Smithsonian and most other free museums).

But food stamps will still be issued. So there’s that…

The tax man will still cometh, sorry.

The 90+ White House residency staff will be reduced to about 15. You know what that means…White House pppaarrrrrttaaaayyyyy!

But hey, Congress will still get paid. Wait, what!?!

What can YOU do to help?


Good luck out there.

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