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Hungry Girls DC tackled Glenfiddich at Bar 515…and they liked it!

They say Scotch, with its bold, distinctive flavor and one heck of a kick, is an acquired taste. After spending an evening at Bar 515, with the makers of Glenfiddich and tasting our way through a carefully curated selection of single malt whiskies ranging from 12-21 years old, it’s safe to say that these two hungry girls have acquired the taste.

Hosted by the 515 Society, the Perfect Pairings event featured single malt whiskies from the Glenfiddich collection and delicious savory and sweet bites, prepared by J&G Steakhouse’s award-winning chef, to compliment the various malts.

But before jumping into straight Scotch, we warmed things up with the Society 515 Scotch Punch – featuring the Glenfiddich 15-year Scotch, elderflower liqueur, and Lillet Blanc among other things – a drink that had many of us coming back for round two. Citrusy and smooth, this masterfully prepared cocktail has the ability to turn anyone into a Scotch drinker.

Glenfiddich is family owned with over 100 years of expertise in distilling; expertise that shone through as representatives talked drinkers through the 12, 15, 18, and 21-year old malts they chose to showcase.

Starting with the smooth 12-year and a spoonful of crème brûlée and the sweet 15-year with smoked salmon on toastpoint, to the oaky 18-year with bitter dark chocolate and finally (and our personal favorite) the intense, layered 21-year paired with the rare beef and chutney on toast, every sip came with a guided taste tour highlighting notes of flavor and a lesson in the distillery process.

The libations and small bites coupled with the warm ambience and talented bartenders has guaranteed Bar 515 another visit from the two of us and Glenfiddich two new fans hoping to visit the distillery over in Dufftown Banffshire, Scotland one of these days.


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