Getting cheesy with BLT

Wind and below 0 temperatures call for one thing and one thing only – hot, melty cheese that warms the soul from the inside out. BLT Steak’s fondue program is the culinary equivalent of a cozy wool blanket and we got a preview of all the ooey gooey deliciousness.

Savory new fondue presentations will be available every Thursday through Sunday evening, dinner only, at the Eye Street steakhouse throughout the cold weather season. 

Guests can choose from three cheese options – French Classic, Italian Fonduta, or American, or a Chocolate option for dessert, with dipping options that include Veggie, Meat, Land and Sea, or Dessert. Special add-ons are also available including BLT Steak DC’s famous Wagyu or indulgent Lobster. 

This cheesy adventure is not for the faint of heart so I encourage you to pace yourself so that you can enjoy all the fun.

Before you get your cheese on, you need to start with BLT’s famous hot popovers served with butter and salt on the side. These guys are HUGE but delicious and something you don’t want to miss, so enjoy a taste but leave room..

Now it’s time to dunk…

The veggie plate is awesome. It has everything from pearl onions and mushrooms to crispy dumplings and some greenery to break things up. Oh and need I forget a giant pretzel because when isn’t a pretzel the right pairing for hot American cheese?

The Land & Sea board comes with delicious meats and shrimp and I got to say, spring for the Lobster add-on – it’s so worth it!

Guys, with this weather, run don’t walk to BLT to warm up. Actually, on second thought, just Uber there…it’s too damn cold.

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