Get ready to feast at City Perch Kitchen & Bar

Looking for a fresh and unique restaurant in Bethesda? Well get ready to feast at City Perch Kitchen & Bar! We decided to hop on the beltway and within minutes we were pulling up to City Perch Kitchen & Bar.  This place takes dinner and a movie to the next level folks. From girls night out to date night – this luxury restaurant has got you covered. Their menu ranges from unique and mouth-watering bread boards to fresh oysters and short ribs. Whether you’re looking for a decadent sit down meal or just drinks and appetizers at the bar, you’ll get it at City Perch. Donna Luke, the assistant general manager at the restaurant took care of us for the night, and as she would say, “we’re about to have some fun.


When you stop in, make sure to get a bread board. Each bread is matched in perfect union with a unique butter. Three words: honey-dipped cornbread. In addition, they’ve got Chinese butter buns, cayenne and Parmesan popovers and orange sage biscuits, pictured above.


If bread isn’t your thing, then hopefully brioche-crusted crab cakes will be, which is said to have been a fan favorite. The cakes are the perfect combination of light and flavorful. Alone or to dip in the old bay remoulade, these crab cakes are a must have. If you are up for trying something different, go for the everything waffle, topped with smoked salmon, dill creme fraiche and salmon roe.


When it comes time for the main course, go for the roasted Long Island duck. Served with those amazing Chinese butter buns, southern fixins and pickled vegetables, you can create the best mini sandwich you’ve ever had (or one you somewhat made for that matter).



Calling all chocolate lovers: a warm chocolate donut, filled and glazed with more chocolate? Yes please! However if you’re up for something less decadent and more tangy the warm apple crisp is a classic and is perfected.

iPic Theater


Now if you already haven’t had enough fun, now it’s movie time. I’m sure many of you have heard of those movie theaters with reclining chairs, or ones that serve food and drinks during the film. How about all of the above and plus some? This iPic movie theater has chairs that recline to a nearly full lying down position. In addition, you will be served by a waiter (called ninjas due to the fact they’re dressed in all black and sneak in and out of the theater.) You will also get a freshly cleaned blanket and pillow for your enjoyment, just don’t fall asleep!



This place has got it all, luxury dining, food that anyone will love and a killer movie experience. You will be sure to impress anyone you take here, whomever it may be.The service is top-notch and the food is classic, yet fresh and unique. City Perch Kitchen & Bar has a relaxed environment, yet a special and festive feel to it. They are more than happy to accommodate large parties and will wow you will their friendly staff. You really cannot go wrong with this one!

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