From Georgetown to the Streets of Thailand

I love fall and everything basic about it. When the temperature starts to drop and the leaves begin to fall, I enter into a pure state of bliss.

It’s also that time of year when I start to crave Thai food. I didn’t become a Thai fanatic until I moved to DC. Maybe it’s the lack of good Chinese takeout?

Either way, I’m always on the hunt for great Thai at the restaurant or in the takeout bag. So, I was pretty psyched when I got an invite to try i-Thai’s new fall menu inspired by traditional street food. If you haven’t heard of i-Thai, it’s a semi-new addition to Georgetown’s bustling M street. 

I joined a small group of fellow DC foodies for a three course meal in i-Thai’s back sun room. We began the meal with i-Thai’s dangerously good, new signature cocktail called “Holy Chile.” It’s a marriage of sweet and spicy with a chili infused tequila  and cucumber syrup. It’s i-Thai’s spin on the classic margarita.


i-Thai's "Holy Chile" cocktail..
i-Thai’s “Holy Chile” cocktail..

Then the dishes started coming. First up was “Look Min Ping,” traditional Thai meatballs with a hot and sweet sauce, served on a stick. These are not your typical Italian meatballs but heavy in texture, reminiscent of the meatballs you would find in a bowl of Pho. The sweet chili sauce really helped to lighten the dish up and eating them off a stick made it a fun start to dinner.

i'Thai's take on the traditional street meatball dish, "Look Min Ping."
i’Thai’s take on the traditional street meatball dish, “Look Min Ping.”


The main course was “Poor Man’s Noodle,” a mix of stir-fried rice noodles, egg, bean sprouts, scallions and ground peanut with chicken. It was reminiscent of a very peanut-y Pad Thai. For me, it wasn’t anything special but still a very solid noodle dish that I would definitely order when in need of comfort food.

i-Thai's "Poor Man's Noodle" dish.
i-Thai’s “Poor Man’s Noodle” dish.

We finished dinner with a sticky rice dessert topped with steamed coconut custard. It was simple and surprisingly, not very sweet. By itself, I’d call it bland but after two fairly heavy classic street dishes, I didn’t mind all that much.

Sticky rice with steamed coconut custard.
Sticky rice with steamed coconut custard.

i-Thai debuts its street food dishes this October. To see what else i-Thai is cooking up in the kitchen, check them out here: Website | Facebook 

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