Fruitive Introduces Waffles & Coffee

This Saturday, Fruitive will introduce waffles and coffee to their CityCenter location (they’ve already been available in their Virginia locations). The best part? These waffles are about as guilt-free as they come. They’re both gluten free and vegan, but you’d never know it. They’re not too dense, not too light, and not too sweet, making them a great base for the different toppings. Flavors will include: mango & coconut sprinkled with chia seeds; blueberry & strawberry sprinkled with chia seeds; and an autumn-inspired pumpkin waffle with bananas and pecans. All are drizzled with maple syrup. The coffee will come from Spyhouse Coffee Roasters, based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Additional fall offerings from Fruitive include their version of a pumpkin spice latte – less sweet and almost definitely better for you than the Starbucks original. There will also be an apple cider. The cider tasted very fresh and had a nice kick of ginger – I easily could’ve had a whole jar of it.

Go try these guilt-free waffles for yourself – you won’t be disappointed.

Fruitive introduces waffles
Strawberry & blueberry waffle w/ chia seeds and maple syrup
Apple cider and Fruitive’s take on the pumpkin spice latte
You can of course still get the avocado toast (their best-seller)
For a healthy snack, choose from date & chocolate balls or coconut macaroon balls

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