The only thing you need to know for Cinco de Mayo: a FIVE PORK TACO at El Ray!

I’ll see your Doritos Locos taco, raise you a KFC double-down concept, and wrap all that in a bacon quilt that would make Martha Stewart cry, and throw in some lettuce, because, you know, you’re welcome Michelle Obama (healthy and all), and present the best thing ever made.

Enter the five pork taco El Ray will be offering for Cinco de Mayo.

If you are not drooling, falling out of your seat, immediately Tweeting this with #YOLO, or called your parents to tell them you love them, then you’re either dead or a vegetarian. Either way, we’re not friends anymore.

Photograph by Allix Wright


According to The Washingtonian:

Woven bacon replaces the masa-based shell, which is stuffed with pork loin, shredded carnitas, and pineapple-marinated pork al pastor. The fifth element: a generous smear of pork-fat mayo.

Those hoping to try the porkful creation can stop by the U Street Mexican beer garden during its Cinco de Mayo celebration on Monday, May 5. The dish will be served for $5 alongside an appropriate abundance of margaritas.

I think I need to walk this off. I’m way too excited about this.

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