RASA Brings Us Incredible Fast Casual Indian Fare

I’ve been raving about my experience at Rasa since the moment I left that glorious lunch. Between the quality ingredients, great ambiance, and exceedingly friendly service, Rasa went above and beyond what you’d expect from a “fast casual experience.” And they even offer adult beverages!

Focused on flavor-packed bowls and a selection of sides, Rasa owners Rahul Vinod and Sahil Rahman offer us a new way to experience Indian cuisine. Crafted from their years of experience in the restaurant industry, Rasa offers incredible pre-designed bowls, or you can make your own bowl with mains such as chicken tikka, spiced beef, lamb kebab, turmeric ginger shrimp, sweet potato tikki, green jackfruit, or tofu/cauliflower mix. Top it all off with a selection of grilled/roasted veggies, unique sauces/chutneys, and fun crunchies – the options are endless.

As I always want to try as much as possible on the menu, I brought along some friends to help indulge. We split three bowls, devoured garlic naan and samosas, tried two of their in-house drinks, and splurged with two desserts. We were #SoPleased and oh #SoFull.

While all foods were amazing in their own way, some personal highlights included the gin and tonic (very refreshing), peanut sesame sauce (just the right amount of heat), rice noodles, masala chai cookies (fun twist on chocolate chip), and of course, garlic naan…because who doesn’t love naan? However, as a pistachio ice cream lover, my absolute favorite was the Kulfi Pop – an ice cream push pop made with cardamom, tea, and pistachios. In all seriousness, you can’t go wrong.

From the bowl moving clockwise: Open Sesame Bowl (which has lamb meatballs and peanut sauce), Masala Chai Chocolate Chip Cookies, Samosas with Various Chutneys, Mango Lassi, and a Masala Gin and Tonic.
Kulfi Pops (Thank you Sahil!!)

But if I didn’t sell you with the food… can we at least talk about how cute, cozy, and colorful Rasa is?

Very artsy!
These are just outright fun.
A burst of color does everyone good.

Clearly you are craving Indian food now – so head on down to Navy Yard and get your fix of good vibes and even better food.

Rasa is located steps away from Nats Stadium at 1247 First St. SE, WASHINGTON, DC 20003, and is open from 11AM-9PM.

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