Feasting Famously

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A collaborative brain-child between The Hungry Lobbyist and the popular website FamousDC.com, “Feasting Famously” is a bi-monthly interview column where we sit down with the hottest DC chefs, local celebrities, food bloggers, politicos, and more to get their take on not only the DC food scene, but where they’re eating and what’s lurking in their fridge. This unique food perspective from your favorite District Dwellers can’t be found anywhere else and is available exclusively on FamousDC.com.

Are you a DC chef, blogger, politico, or otherwise consider yourself famous for DC? Lobby me as to why you should be featured in the next Feasting Famously.

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  1. Jessica P. on March 22, 2013 Reply

    Um, I love these interviews! Just spent like 30 minutes reading them all. Really cool perspective that no one else is covering in DC. Looking forward to more!

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