Fascinators are More Fascinating at the Royal Wedding Pop-Up Pub

The Royal Wedding is Upon Us!

Soon, the strange obsession we have with royal weddings will once again take over the United States as hottie Prince Harry marries our own Meghan Markle.  To fully partake in the festivities, why not head over to Derek Brown’s newest pop-up, The Royal Wedding Pub.  There, you can sip on When Harry Met Meghan, or perhaps, The Strawberry Cuppa – served in a tea cup with a shortbread cookie, of course.  Whatever libation you decide to celebrate with, be sure you send the newlyweds a congratulatory note at the real post office located on the bar.  I was assured by Brown himself that they’d receive them. Pretty stoked to imagine them reading our beautiful prose.

There’s only one bar to revel in during this occasion because as Paul Taylor says, “It’s a wedding after all, everyone should be close together for the family affair.”  I dig it. Here are some photos to get you in the mood:

Hey, hey, wait a minute Mr. Postman.
Don’t forget the family portrait!
V royal.
The Strawberry Cuppa.
Put a Ring on It.
As Is Tradition.
Kensington Garden Party.
Wedding Cake Shot.

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