Farmers Fishers Bakers, A Place for All

There are days when you just want a simple, feel good dinner. On Wednesday night three girls who desperately needed to catch up on life picked Farmers Fishers Bakers as the spot of the night. Its cozy and welcoming feel coupled with its delicious fresh food sounded just perfect.

You walk into the restaurant and find that each corner seems to have a completely different character, from one side filled with glass jars and hanging shovels to the other side where black tires make up the walls. But somehow the whole interior comes together beautifully and you feel you’ve entered your loving farm home.

As we got seated to our table, us three super hungry girls went straight to business – the Menu. Surprisingly it had a large variety of things from sushi to steak frites to pizza. I ofcourse call the waitress to tell her I am gluten-free and need help in figuring what’s what. I happily hear that anything that I am looking for can be adjusted by the Chef to make it gluten free with the exception of pizza and bread (they don’t have gluten free dough).

It’s like music to my ears as I rarely have an almost full menu to work with. Fast forward 10 minutes of us selecting what to eat we start off with two appetizers (compliments from the Management):

  • Bread & Broths: Roasted garlic | shanty butter | romesco. Wow. The shanty butter was heaven. My friends had it with the bread but I dipped it straight with the garlic (keeping it gluten-free). For this dish…maybe it’s best to keep it for non-dates, the garlic kind of gets to you but it is oh so good and worth it.
  • Guacamole with chips. You simply can’t go wrong with this order. Its fresh, delicious and a great dish to share.

As we were getting to pick our entrees we found ourselves wanting to try all the dishes so to maximize utilization of our taste buds we decided to share:

  • Scallops Meuniere: butternut risotto
  • Fried Brussels Sprouts and Blue Cheese: apple | cucumber | red onion | wonton (they put the wonton on the side for my gluten-free request)
  • Spicy Ahi Tuna Poke Salad: onion | bell pepper | sesame seed | avocado | basil | cilantro

It was the perfect combination where we got the comfort we needed from the risotto and the freshness from both salads. (I would personally highly recommend the Spicy Ahi Tuna Poke Salad – delicioussss)

Overall Farmers Fishers Bakers is really a place for all – all ages and almost all occasions – for a cute date, a family outing or a place to catch up with your girlfriends just like I did.

For the Gluten-free people here are a few things that you need to know:

  • They do not have a separate gluten-fryer so there will be minor cross contamination.
  • For almost every dish I asked about they said the Chef would work with you to make it gluten free. How awesome is that?
  • They don’t have gluten free bread of pizzas so if you’re craving that then this may not be your best option. But they do have this AMAZING risotto that is a great substitute for the comfort of pizza!

Some tips for booking:

  • Brunch: (1) Book early, they get filled quickly. (2) Wear loose clothing, you will be eating a lot and if you don’t eat a lot…then let someone who does take your reservation. (3) Go early and stay late 😉
  • Dinner: (1) If the weather is nice when you reserve ask for the tables outside (2) If that doesn’t work, my second favorite are the tables right by the large glass windows overlooking the ice skating rink

Also when you are there, make sure to go check out the bathroom. It might just tempt you to go take a warm hot bath with some bubbles after your dinner. Bon Appétit!


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