The combination of your quick and casual restaurant and the gourmet flavors and extended menu of the fancy pizzeria, Pizzeria Vetri is your new go to spot

Fall in Love with Pizzeria Vetri’s New Seasonal Menu

The perfect combination of your quick and casual restaurant and the gourmet flavors and extended menu of the fancy pizzeria. Pizzeria Vetri on 14th and W is your new go to spot.


Trentino Pizza, Autunno Calzone, and the Wood Oven Salad are the perfect fall additions to the menu. And don’t forget about the dessert.


The new fall salad is a Wood Oven Salad. It is not your typical salad, so don’t expect lettuce. It is more like a plate of deliciously roasted fall veggies. They put the veggies in the pizza oven so they come out with that delicious wood fire taste. The veggies were cooked perfectly, seasoned deliciously and I have to say it was probably one of the best plates of veggies I have ever eaten. The veggies inside are sunchokes, brussel sprouts, parsnips, baby carrots, pears, red wine vinaigrette, scamorza, and parsley. I had no idea what a sunchoke was before eating it, so for all wondering the same, it is a Jerusalem Artichoke and they are absolutely delicious. It really does taste like an artichoke, just with the consistency of a beet.



The fall pizza addition is the Trentino pizza, featuring a mixture of pork speck, figs and high-quality cheeses. The crust was so thin leaving lots of room for all the flavorful toppings. The Trentino really combines sweet and salty into one delicious bite. The sweet figs topped on gooey cheese combined with the salty speck. Speck is smoked, aged and spiced giving it a deeper taste that’s more intense than other prosciuttos.



The Autunno Calzone is filled with roasted butternut squash, fontina, ricotta, parmigiano, truffle pate and sage. If you wanted to taste Fall in one bite, this is it. The combination of the squash and ricotta just screams fall. And to top it all off, a calzone is basically a pillow of pizza. The Calzone is definitely share worthy, because like I was warned (and I would confirm), it fills you up – it was huge!


And of course you can not leave without dessert. The first glance at the menu and all I saw was the Nutella Pizza oven baked with Marshmallows. A full pizza stuffed with Nutella goodness and fluffly marshmallows topped with powered sugar. Imagine a pizza, meets a quesadilla, meets a s’more and you have a Nutella and marshmallow dessert pizza. I don’t think this could ever be a bad idea.

I have to say, the pizza was great but that Wood Oven Salad was beyond amazing.

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