Explore Peru in DC at Nazca Mochica

No longer do you have to travel 3,500 miles to explore Peru’s culture – Nazca Mochica is bringing Peru to you, right in the heart of Dupont Circle. This month, Nazca Mochica unveiled its its third floor art gallery. The gallery features the work of Juan Francisco Estravides. The collection, “Camino de Vida”, is a colorful celebration of childhood, motherhood, sisterhood, and the bonds of love and family. The artist was inspired by observations of friends and families in the different stages of life and love. The longer one looks at the paintings, the more hidden items and messages the viewer sees.

The third floor gallery is available to reserve for private events – and the art certainly makes a beautiful backdrop. The gallery will also be opened to the public, and Nazca Mochica’s owners hope that viewers come to appreciate and learn more about Peru’s culture.

While enjoying the art and speaking with the artist at the opening, guests sampled some delicious hors d’oeuvres from the restaurant – including fried yuca, ceviche, and calamari. Below are a few of the pieces from the collection.

“Un Dia en El Parque”
“La Grande Eda” (left) and “Primavera” (right)
“El Abrazo Eterno”
“El Confecionario” – a piece from a different collection
“Un Dia en El Parque” (left) and “El Vinculo” (right)
“Tenacidad” (left) and “Pensamientos” (right)

Estravides’ work has been featured in galleries in Southern California and Leesburg, Virginia, and has been displayed at the word recognized Museum of Latin American Arts in Long Beach, California.

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