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Making cookies is a favorite past time for everyone. Except in the summertime when it’s too hot. And now you have this friend who won’t eat them because of the eggs. But let’s face it anyway, the raw eggs are maybe the only thing keeping you from just going to town on the batter before it even gets close to the oven anyway. Ugh…adulting is hard.


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Enter The Cookie Jar DC – non-egg “raw” cookie dough you don’t even need to bake. According to their website:

Our edible cookie dough contains the cookie ingredients you love minus the eggs, making it a safe, fun, and dough-licious alternative to raw dough. Our dough is 100% preservative-free, and except for a few candy toppings, our ingredients are all natural.

If you’ve ever tried to make cookies, but only half the bowl of dough makes it into the oven (with the other half making it into your mouth)…and all along you hear your mom’s voice in your head saying, “Don’t eat that, it has raw eggs in it, you’re going to get sick!”…then you get it.

So go on, indulge your childhood cookie dough craving.


You can even customize the labels to make great gifts or for parties.

The Cookie Jar DC kindly gave us a flavor (the classic with M&Ms) and we let the team give it a try. Here are some of their thoughts below – but don’t our word for it, order some today!

Pretty good, interesting texture. A bit too smooth for my liking, but not bad.

This is legit. I’d eat this all day, and then some.

I’ll take my chances with the eggs personally, but this would be an epic party gift or for gift bags.

I like it, and it makes for a great gift idea too!

More toppings and more toppings mixed throughout please.

Very, very good.


Order The Cookie Jar DC exclusive “Summer Flavors” here

As you can see, there were some mixed reactions, but all positive! Click here to order your own today!

Bonus, they are made here in Washington, DC, in Union Kitchen!

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