Dying to Dine: Washingtonian’s Death Row Meals, Part II

Part II of a regular series where we ask some of Washington’s favorite foodies, journalists, chefs, and industry reps what their “last meal” would be. Read Part I here

A prisoner’s “last meal” typically has no boundaries or restrictions, and has elicited a bit of a cult following online. Recently, photographer Henry Hargreaves created a series called “No Seconds” where he recreated the images of death row inmates last meals to illustrate people’s food preferences speak volumes about their character.

Earl Forrest, for example, requested steak, pasta, fruit plate, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, chocolate cake and milk, as featured in the image above (credit Henry Hargreaves/IMP Features).

We don’t know what this says about anyone’s character, you can draw those conclusions. We did however think it would be awesome to bring together a mixture of some of Washingtonians chefs, culinary reporters, bloggers, and just general foodies / fun people to see what their last smorgasbord might consist of.

See below for the second installment of Dying to Dine.

Cori Sue Morris: Founder, Bitches Who Brunch

Credit: Aida for HungryLobbyist.com

“My last meal would be a lengthy brunch at Blue Duck Tavern—brunch cocktails, cinnamon rolls, pancakes, duck fat fries—preferably sitting outside on their serene, shaded patio.”

Avery Lewis: Senior Public Relations Manager, Linda Roth Associates

“My last meal would be the burger at Snake River Grill in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The 10-ounce burger at Snake River Grill in Jackson Hole comes with white cheddar cheese and bacon on top. I order sans bacon, but definitely enjoy the accompanying fries and a beer or glass of wine to wash it down. It’s an off-menu item and the kitchen only makes a certain amount each night, so once they’re gone, they’re gone”

Anastasia & Dave: Owners, La Jambe

“I’d say anything from Little Serrow! Dave and I have been huge Thai food lovers ever since our honeymoon there. I could also demolish a whole leg of Iberico ham by myself, and I would top that with a red Rhone Valley wine, probably a Cote Rotie or a 1983 Chateau Margaux Bordeaux.” – A

“Little Serrow would be my call as well. Though after the wine I’d probably head to Jack Rose and avail myself of the SMWS vault.” – D

Rachael Bade: Reporter, Politico & Correspondent, CNN

Credit: A Feast for The Eyes

“Eating is easily my favorite thing in life, so this question is very apt for me. I’d start with an arugula salad with heirloom tomatoes, red onions, chickpeas and goat cheese, tossed in a lemon vinaigrette. Add an appetizer of pickled veggies, cold cheese cuts and a dozen oysters with horseradish and red wine vinegar. Followed by my favorite meal in the WORLD: eggplant parmigiana (The best I’ve had in D.C. so far is served at Fiolomena in Georgetown. My mouth is watering thinking about it…) with a side of penne or thin spaghetti sloshed in red sauce. I’d chase it all down with warm red velvet cake topped with vanilla bean ice cream and a tall glass of milk.”

Marissa Rubenstein: Social Marketing Manager, Brightest Young Things

Credit: Been There Eaten That

“So this is an easy one, my last meal would be whatever is on the monthly menu at Elizabeth’s Gone Raw, I’m assuming that this is my last meal because I’m about go skydiving or something, but in the rare case that it’s because I’m in jail (i think the only thing I might go to jail for would be my vegan cornbread addiction), I would 100% ask to be let out just for the night so I can enjoy my meal in EGR’s gorgeously salmon dining room and spend my night at the bar eating their incredible kale chips. I feel like people are occasionally put off by the “Gone Raw” name but they shouldn’t be. That kitchen is creating some of the most innovative food in the city, and it just happens to be vegan and (mostly) raw.”

Ralph Brabham: Owner, Beau Thai & BKK Cookshop

“So here goes, my last meal.  It would be a progressive dinner, starting in Shaw, heading over to Logan, and ending on my couch at home with my husband. Appetizers in Shaw starting with mushroom and vinegar potato chips and onion dip from Convivial. Sweet Potato Roll (fried catfish, green garlic tartar sauce, lettuce, onion, & pickle) and a Boulevardier from the Dabney. Entrees in Logan Circle. Cotechino with Fontina and Egg Pizza, Celery Celery Celery Salad, and a bottle of a big red Italian wine from Etto. Grab a cold brew from Compass Coffee then head home for Sea Salt Chocolate Chess Pie from Whisked!   (Chocolate Chess Pie is my favorite dessert of all-time from growing up, and it still makes me happy. Whisked!’s is on point). If it all had to end, I think the above would be a pretty great way to go out.”

Kathryn Lyons: Managing Editor, FamousDC

credit: Eater DC

“My last meal would definitely feature a burger (preferably from Le Diplomate). I’d wash it down with a Snickers Blizzard from DQ and for dessert, the really fudge-y chocolate cake at Whole Foods.”

William Washington: Director of Operations Mid-Atlantic, Schlow Restaurant Group

“Ironically I was talking about this last night with Matt Adler. One of the dishes he made (and still does) would be part of the meal. It was a very simple green salad with a truffle vinaigrette and honestly it’s still one of those dishes I think of when I think great and simple. My second course would be to somehow recreate a meal I told about – I think the best I ever had it was on a little side road in Dordogne they were serving petit vineyard snails with local goat cheese, thyme and olive oil on a slice of crusty bread – nothing original but quite simply the best thing I’ve ever had – they were serving it with a simple village wine that was crisp cool and acidic being poured into carafes straight from a barrel the combination was indescribably delicious – how much of it was the place and time on my life I’ll never know but I’ve never had anything as good. The one thing that might eclipse is/was Patrick O’Connell’s Tuna pretending to be a filet mignon – A clever riff on tournedos Rossini using impossibly high quality tuna loin coupled with food gras on a red wine reduction infused w a kiss of butter – it’s a life changer. As you know I’m partial to game meats and some of the terrines we used to serve at DANIEL (and I try to recreate – maybe now that I’m working w Ed Scarpone, Matt and Alex I’ll be able to get mine up to that level and add to the list). Dessert either a great pistachio ice cream or a donut from Mrs Donut on Richmond highway – they are simply insane.”

Evan Burfield: Co-Founder & Chairman, 1776.vc

credit: In Good Flavor

“Chicken-fried steak with gravy with a side of scratch macaroni and cheese. For desserts, Rocky Road ice cream with milk poured over it.”

Jonathan Mervis: Founder, Mervis Diamond Importers

“My last meal on this earth would be a culinary trip around the world one last time. I’d go to Rasika for the crispy spinach and yogurt salad. Palak Chaat. Then I would cleanse my palate with gelato at Dolcezza. For my main dish, I’d get a filet mignon at RPM. Add a glass of Pinotage from Stellenbosh, South Africa.”

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