Duke’s Grocery: Foggy Bottom’s Latest Edition

Come one, come all to Duke’s Grocery numero tres! Duke’s Grocery, known for having one of D.C.’s best burgers (and you better believe the hype), welcomes tourists and locals alike to stop by for drinks, supper, or brunch. Duke’s recently opened its newest location in D.C.’s Foggy Bottom neighborhood and some of us at the Hungry Lobbyist were able to stop by and imbibe on some standout cocktails while simultaneously stuffing ourselves as we ate our way throughout the menu.

This English-style pub features an open space and well-stocked bar that welcomes many a patron looking to get down and sip on one of the many cocktails the menu has to offer.

The restaurant uses seasonally available and fresh ingredients for its dishes. It has an ever-changing food menu paired with a more consistent drink menu (with drinks that will have everyone in the room looking so much better). If you can get past how tasty these cocktails look, below are some of the dishes we dived into.

The chickpea and green pea hummus comes accompanied with fresh veggies and warm pita bread. A sprinkle of salt to the hummus ties this dish together.
Crispy fried wings with a side of wine-soaked mussels made for one of the menu’s standout dishes of the night.
Burgers on burgers on burgers. Front and center is the star of the show, the Proper Burger with lobster. If you know what’s good for you, you will make sure to add that lobster. I died and went to heaven.
Up close and personal with the Proper Burger with lobster. If you’re not drooling at this perfection of a burger, your taste buds are missing.
To wrap up this dinner were these decadent cannolis. The only thing more stuffed than these babies were us humans who couldn’t help but devour these.

The menu is composed of a mix of shareable plates and entrees which you should selfishly save for yourself (we’re talking about you Proper Burger and mussels). If you find yourself in the neighborhood and fancy a Proper Pimm’s to cool yourself off during this sweltering summer, make sure to stop by Duke’s.

Duke’s Foggy Bottom is located at 2000 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, D.C.

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